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Barry's Accounting Services, Corp.
1852 Flatbush Avenue - 2nd Floor
Brooklyn, New York 11210
(718) 677-4006
Client Update - quarterly newsletter

Barry's Accounting Services - Brooklyn, NY


1852 Flatbush Ave. 2nd Floor - Brooklyn, NY

Barry's Accounting Services, Corp., is a Taxation, Real Estate & Business Management Consulting Firm. It is a U.S.A. corporation that serves Individual and Business clients globally. The firm is involved with U.S.A. and international Tax Planning & Tax Compliance issues; and Business Management and Real-Estate Advisory and implementation services. Let's get to the specifics!!

Our Client-base:- Our clients are located in 13 states in the USA, and 5 Foreign Countries. They are pro-active and innovative men and women who are focus on getting results. Some of them are employed by private and public corporations; and some of them operate their own businesses as S-Corps., C-Corps., LLC's., Partnerships, and Sole-Proprietorships. Our Database shows they are comprised of:- 40% White;  37% Black; 10% Hispanic; 7% Indian, and 6% Asian. We have a GREAT working relationship with everybody and our client-base has grown steadily every year.

Industries we serve





Services we provide:- We are laser-focus and tenacious. If your career or your investment is in one of the industries above, then taxpayers like yourself are our ideal/primary client. We know your industry ("Industry-Specific" knowledge); and we can help you overcome any Tax or Business challenge you are experiencing; and we will put a BIG SMILE on your face. Clients' assignments are completed quickly and accurately. We get them results and give them peace of mind that are unparallel/unmatched anywhere else. Our methods are very effective; and we put our track record and reputation behind them. Let's start today!!

#1)Tax planning & Implementation:- There is nothing new, outrageous, or illegal about wealthy people utilizing effective tax planning strategies to save large amounts of money in taxes; or pay a very small percentage of their income in taxes. Effective tax planning is available to/for EVERY Individual and Business. If you own a business you will need a business tax plan to help you evaluate the tax impact of selling or restructuring the business. Call us if you are ready to make the transformation. Over the past 6-months, we have had more tax-planning clients than we have had in the past 2-years. We anticipate this steady flow of tax-planning clients will continue for many years as more taxpayers continue to face financial challenges and become more financially savvy. The economic impact of COVID-19 Social Pandemic has put a financial strain/pressure on many individuals and businesses.  Don't panic!! position yourself and become part of a group of new millionaires that this crisis will create.

#2)Tax preparation:- We thoroughly analyze the details that our clients give us; and we formulate a strategy that makes every regulatory tax loophole, tax credittax deduction, tax exemption, and tax exclusion work for them in accordance with Federal & State tax codes/laws. We ensure they get tax refunds that they are entitled to received; or pay no more taxes than is required by law.

#3) Tax Compliance Issues:- We can help you resolve Federal & State outstanding or dilinquent tax liabilities/discrepancies. This includes Filing FBAR's with the IRS and FinCEN to report foreign (off-shore bank, brokerage & securities accounts and property) transactions in compliance with FATCA for U.S. Citizens and Residence who are domicile in the USA and Overseas. 

#4) Forensic Auditing:- (Tracing/following the money). This investigative work involves untangling and reconstructing financial transactions to ferret out corrupt, deceptive, and fraudulent business practice. This includes 3rd party allegations of financial impropriety. People who are interested in Forensic Audit are those seeking Financial Compensation or Asset Forfeiture (Creditors, Partners in a partnership, Shareholders, IRS, DEA, Bankruptcy court, etc.). This work involves knowledge and practical applications of tax laws, financial & managerial accounting, and criminal law.

#5) Business Management:- Emotional, Operational, and Financial challenges/constraints are inherent in every business. A market correction, or a sudden change in the demographics of the population, or a downward spiral in the economy (Example:-the economic recession in 2007-2009; and COVID-19 social pandemic in 2020) will quickly change business operations dynamics and hit some business hard; especially those that have high/huge debt, little or no cash reserves, and vertually no margin of safety. If your business is experiencing a similar situation, don't panic. NEW millionaires will emerge from this economic crisis. Call us for a FREE 5-minutes of "Strategy Session". We will provide you with ongoing remedial support; and we will do whatever it takes to help you to successfully transform the business to meet your objectives. Results varies for each client that we continue to worked with on an ongoing basis. In Operations Management, clients' productivity have increased 35%, 56% and 60%, and net profits have increased 63%, 86% and 97%; and free cash flow has doubled, triple and quadrupled within the first 30-90 days.

Independent Survey:- The top eight RANDOM reasons clients gave for doing business with us: experience, knowledge of their industry, hands-on, transparent, reliable, speed, accuracy, and results-oriented.



"I dread going to a tax office during tax season. Barry told me what to send and I mailed him the information. In a couple of weeks I received my refunds, a copy of my tax return, the documents I sent him, and a gift. That was Amazing!!"
          - Dr. Anette P., Ventura, California

"I found Barry's Accounting Services, Corp. on the Internet. I received so much information from the company's Web site that I had to try the service. I am happy I did."
          - Errol Mackenzie, Electrician, Jamaica, New York

"Accountants have told me what they can do for me, but none of them have clearly demonstrated their services to me and none have stronger endorsements and referrals than Barry. This is why I switched to Barry's Accounting Services, Corp."
          - Suzan Benoit, Account Executive, Manhattan, New York

"I am a ship captain. Sometimes I don’t have time to visit my accountant. I organized my documents and sent them like Barry recommended. Two weeks later my tax refund was in my bank account; and my copy and gift arrived at my address. I was like, wow!! I like that."
          - Capt. Samuel K., Jacksonville, Florida

"The information you have given us is invaluable. We have leased a fleet of trucks and the leasing company has encouraged us to retain your services.
          - Allan & Tom, Shippers & Movers, Randall Ave., Bronx, New York

"I was audited and couldn't find my tax preparer. A friend referred me to Barry. Barry took my case and saved me $5,250. I have become more educated and realistic about who should prepare my tax returns. Thank you, Barry."
          - Ray McCloud, Real Estate Owner, Newark, New Jersey

"I used to live in New York and travel to my clients in New Jersey and Connecticut. I rented out my residence in New York and relocated to another residence I had in Georgia. I sold my residence in Georgia and relocated to California. Finally, I sold my residence in New York. Barry's tax planning advice saved me $18,000 in prepayment penalties, $30,000 in seller's concessions, and $5,900 in taxes. Barry has been preparing my tax returns and advising me for 20 years. I could not have chosen a better person to look after my interests."
          - Sylvia Fortune, District Sales Manager, Los Angeles, California

"We were making minimum monthly payments of $2,500 on high-interest consumer loans and we could not get a tax break on the interest. We wanted to file bankruptcy, but the new rules were too stringent and we didn't want to ruin our credit. Barry helped us reduce our monthly payment to $900. The best part is the peace of mind we are enjoying. Our payments are covered for one year if one of us is unemployed. We are saving over $19,000 annually, including the tax write-off on the interest on our home equity loan payment. Thanks, Barry."
          - Jerome & Angie Mattias, Brooklyn, New York

"Our stores were under investigation because we failed to file tax returns and pay the sales and payroll taxes. We had discussions with several accountants who used to solicit us for business, but they were too busy attending to their regular clients. We found Barry's Accounting Services, Corp. in our local newspaper. We called Barry and we agreed to provide him with the information he requested. We paid the government $8,226 less in penalties and interest. Our financial affairs are finally back on track and we are happy. Thanks, Barry."
          - Leo & Jane Robinson, Store Owners, Jamaica, New York

"Your article on Real Estate Taxation is excellent. I have read bits and pieces of the subject in magazines, brochures, and handouts at seminars, but this is the most comprehensive article I have read on the subject. The answers you gave were well-researched."
          - Jan Davidson, General Contractor, Beverly Hills, California

"Barry has been my accountant for many years. It was my first year in college when I met him. He used to come to our home to prepare my mother's tax returns. My siblings are living in other states and they all do business with him. Clients we referred to him have told us they are happy with the service and many of them are still doing business with him."
          - Dr. Errol Thomas, Physician, Manhattan, New York

"I was in high school when my mother introduced me to Barry. He used to come to my home in Brooklyn every year to prepare my mother's tax returns. He has been preparing my tax returns for many years and I am happy with the service. In fact, he is like a brother to me."
          - Dr. Melissa Thomas-Jones, Ophthalmologist, Atlanta, Georgia

"The businesses we inherited were in total disarray. Barry helped us reorganize them and turn them around. The support services we received were terrific. Sales turnover, cash flow and working capital have improved tremendously. Shipments from our suppliers have become more reliable and the bank has increased our revolving line of credit."
          - Andre, Julian & Mindy Roache, Store Owners, Brooklyn & Queens, New York


"Call when you are ready to hire us. You will receive the best service in the industry."