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The Skills-Trade Industry

We have experience working with over 500 General Contractors(GC); Sub-Contractors(Subs); Handyman Special, Mechanical, Electrical, Roofing, and Home Improvement Contractors.

Business tax returns MUST reach the IRS & State on or before March 15. Hence, you should give us the information on or before March 01, to prepare them. Those tax returns take time to prepare, and we may have to do research to complete them. Other Accountants are making similar request. You are liable for paying late filing fees to the IRS & State if we received your documents late.

Let's get to the specifics!!

We know your Industry Standards and Practices ("Industry-specific" Knowledge):-

1)The Seasonality.

2)Project & Risk Management.

3)The need to manage Cash-Flow agressively and efficiently.

4)Contractor licenses(HIC and HIS)

5)Annual Tax Reporting(Cash V's Accural)

6)Employees Wages-W2's and Sub-contractors compensation-1099's. Employee V's. Independent Contractor is where the IRS and DOL focus their Payroll Audits. 

7)Activities/Project Workflow:-Location/Site, Zoning ordinance, Design & Budget; Bids; Proposals; Permits; Early scheduling of inspection; Costs & Revenue Projections; Cash-flow; Working Capital;  Sub-contractors; Surety bonds; Insurance; Rules for erecting temporary barrier & privacy fence; Scaffolding laws; Roll-off dumpsters; Heavy equipment delivery; Storage containers; Office trailers; Generators; Portable toilets & shower; Equipment cost to job; Selecting qualified materials & supplies; On-time deliveries; Work in progress, Contracts execution & compliance; Defects; Change orders; Delays; Track purchase orders; Overhead rate analysis (Actual & Variences); Cost overrun; Liens & Lien waivers; Damage waivers; Warranty; Claims; Errors/Omission; Sales & Payroll Taxes; Sales tax exempt organizations; Accounts Receivable & Payable; Certified Payroll; Contract & Procurement Investigation, etc...We also work with ADP & Paychex).

"We are laser-focus and tenacious. With us in your corner, you wil be empowered to make great business decisions. You will have a knowledgeable and valuable resource to turn to for practical and profitable Business and Tax advice, including the Tax Aspects of Marriage, Separation & Divorce. Written testimonials we obtained  during our annnual clients surveys are overwhelmingly impressive."

My best selling book, "Sweet Success" by Clemson Barry is on Amazon.

Tax Preparation for Skills-Trade Clients.

We have experience working with over 500 successful contractors who started with a concept/brilliant idea and a strong determination to make it BIG. We will use EVERY regulatory tax loophole, credit, deduction and exclusion in the new and constantly changing tax  laws to reduce or eliminate your tax liability and put a BIG smile on your face. Time is of the essence. Therefore, your assignments will be completed Quickly, Efficiently, and Accurately when you give us all the necessary information. You have a lot of work to get done. Let's start today!!

Our Skills-Trade Clients:- They operate as S-Corps., C-Corps., LLC's and Sole-prop., in the following trades:- Roofing, Masonry, Welding, Carpentry, Demolition, Electrical, General Construction, Mechanical  and Plumbing in NY, NJ, FL and CA. They Fax us their information or send it by  UPS, FedEx, DHL and Post Office.

Other Services We Provide.

#1)Tax & Financial Planning (Proactive and Strategic Planning to counter surprises or unforeseen contengencies, including the tax aspects of Marriage and Divorce).

#2) IRS & State(s) Tax Problem Resolution.

#3)Book-keeping & Business Advisory (Federal & State labor laws; Insurance & Bonding; Cash-flow forecasting; Working capital; Revenue acceleration; Evaluate potential opportunities and tax breaks for which you business is entitles; Lawsits & Collection, etc.).

How We Obtain Skills-Trade Clients:- Direct mailing from our exclusive database; Mailing list from Trade Associations and States Departments of Corporations registry.

What We Want From Skills-Trade Clients.

1) Your Phone number and E-mail address for quick communication.

2) A paper copy of the last tax return you filed.

3) Your business gross income and expenses.

4) A copy of your Driver's license or State ID. (Starting in 2016, the IRS required the information be included on ALL tax returns).

5) Your Credit Card or Bank Account Information to pay for the service.

Project Management
Whether you are a new client looking for a project manager in your industry, or an existing client with an emergency, we can serve as the main contact throughout the length of your project. That entails project development, execution, oversight, due diligence, checks & balances, and interim reports to meet your needs and ensure your satisfaction.

Industry Related Education

  • MS Taxation
  • IRS Enrolled Agent - (1989 to present)
  • Insurance Broker (property & casualty)
  • Construction Accounting (NYU).
  • Project Management (NYU).
  • Real-Estate Employment(Century-21 Greenfield).

Annual Continuing Education :- Site survey; Assessments; Zoning ordinances; Land development; Building designs; City approval & permits; Qualified Materials; Supplies & Suppliers; Construction Accounting & Auditing; Loans (Construction, Bridge and Mortgage); Short & Long term debts; Selecting qualified Architects & General Contractors; Estimates; Proposals; Insurance; Suriety Bonding(Bid, Payment and Performance bonds);  Contract preparation & reviews; Barriers; Posting notices on barriers; Scaffolding laws; Environmental laws; Project Management; Construction delays & cost overrun; Employees and qualified sub-contractors; Federal & State Labor laws; Federal & State payroll laws and compliance; Managing union payroll; Sales tax exempt organizations; Government filings/reporting & Audit requirements; Collective bargains/unions negotiations, etc.

Testimonials:"I found Barry's Accounting Services, Corp. on the Internet. I received so much information from the company's Web site that I had to try the service. I am happy I did." - Errol Mackenzie, Electrical Contractor, Jamaica, New York

Question:- What can a real estate owner do to minimize construction disputes?

1) Communicate your ideas to the contractor and be realistic. Tell the contractor the size of your budget. You have the right to make adjustments before you sign the contract.

2) Monitor the job and have the contractor check with you if additional work has to be done.

3) If you want to change something, get the agreement in writing ("Change Order" form). In a verbal agreement, you or the contractor may not remember what either of you had agreed to.

Question: - What can a real estate owner do if s/he doesn't want to personally get involved in a project, but wants to rely on a trusted individual or project manager?

Answer:- Hire my firm. A qualified project manager will serve as my main contact throughout the length of the project while I visit the project periodically and keep you up to date with frequent reports. Our Fee:- Clients can choose between two pricing. A flat fee; or a fee that is based on results (performance-based compensation).


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