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The Construction Industry

The information on this page would answer ALL your questions in 5 minutes. Call us if you are convinced that we are the right fit for your specific need.

We prepare tax returns for clients in the following trades: Roofing, Masonry, Welding, Carpentry, Demolition, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing & Painting, in NY, NJ, FL and CA. They send us their information by Fax, UPS, FedEx, and Post Office.

Tax preparation service (Multi-state)

  • Corporation & LLC
  • Independent Contractors
  • IRS & State tax resolution

How we obtain clients

  • The Internet Search Engines
  • Trade shows
  • Trade Associations
  • City Licensing Departments

What we want from you

1) Your Phone number and E-mail address for quick communication

2) A paper copy of the last tax return you filed

3) Your business gross income and expenses

4) A copy of your Driver's license or State ID. (Starting in 2016, the IRS required the information be included on ALL tax returns)

5) Your Credit Card or Bank Information to pay for the service

Project Management
Whether you are a new client looking for a project manager in your industry, or an existing client with an emergency, we can serve as the main contact throughout the length of your project. That entails development, execution, oversight, due diligence, checks & balances, and interim reports to meet your needs and ensure your satisfaction.


  • MS Taxation
  • IRS Enrolled Agent (1989 to present)
  • Insurance Broker (property & casualty)

Continuing Education
Site survey, Assessments, Zoning ordinances, Land development, building designs, city approval & permits, Qualified Materials, Supplies & Suppliers, Construction Accounting & Auditing, Loans (Construction, Bridge and Mortgage), Selecting qualified Architects & General Contractors, Estimates, Proposals, Bids, Insurance & Bonding, Contract preparation & reviews, Scaffolding laws, Environmental laws, Project Management, Construction delays & cost overrun, Employees and qualified sub-contractors, Federal & State Labor laws, Federal & State payroll laws & compliance, Sales tax exempt organizations, Government filing & Audit requirements and Collective bargains/unions.


"I found Barry's Accounting Services, Corp. on the Internet. I received so much information from the company's Web site that I had to try the service. I am happy I did."
   - Errol Mackenzie, Electrical Contractor, Jamaica, New York


What can a real estate owner do to minimize construction disputes?

1) Communicate your ideas to the contractor and be realistic. Don’t get preoccupied with grandiose ideas that don’t fit your budget. You have the right to make adjustments before you sign the contract.

2) Monitor the job to minimize cost overrun and have the contractor check with you if additional work has to be done.

3) If you want to change something, get the agreement in writing (Change order form). In a verbal agreement, you or the contractor may not remember what either of you had agreed to.

What can a real estate owner do if s/he doesn't want to personally get involved in the project, but want to rely on a trusted individual or project manager?

Hire my firm. A qualified project manager will serve as my main contact throughout the length of the project while I visit the project periodically and keep you up to date with frequent reports. Our Fee: Clients can choose between two pricing. A flat fee; or a fee that is based on results (performance-based compensation).


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