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The Construction Industry

Project Management & Tax Accounting services for Real Estate Owners

Industry Coursework

  • Sight survey, Assessments & Zoning ordinances
  • Land development & building designs
  • Qualified Materials, Supplies & Suppliers
  • Construction Accounting & Auditing
  • Loans (Construction, Bridge & Mortgage)
  • Selecting qualified architects & Gen. Contractor
  • Proposals, contract preparation & reviews
  • Insurance & Bonds
  • Scaffolding laws & Project Management
  • Construction delays & cost overrun
  • Employees & qualified independent contractors
  • Certified payroll reports requirements
  • Release & Waiver of liens

Barry's Accounting Services serve sole proprietors and corporations such as :

  • Roofers, Masons, Welders & Carpenters
  • Demolition, Electricians, Mechanical, plumbers & painters

The services offered are tailor-made to meet their specific needs:

  • Insurance, Business advisory & Tax consultation
  • Government filing & Audit requirements
  • Personal & Corporation taxes
  • Real Estate taxation & financial statements

What can a real estate owner do to minimize construction disputes?

  • Communicate your ideas to the contractor and be realistic. Don’t get preoccupied with grandiose ideas that don’t fit your budget. You have the right to make adjustments before you sign the contract.
  • Monitor the job to minimize cost overrun and have the contractor check with you if additional work had to be done.
  • If you want to change something, get the agreement in writing (Change order form). You or the contractor may not remember what either of you had agreed to in your verbal agreement.

What can a real estate owner do if s/he doesn't want to personally get involved in the project, but want to rely on a trusted individual?

  • Hire my firm. A qualified project manager will serve as my main contact throughout the length of the project while I visit the project periodically and keep you up to date with frequent reports.
  • Our Fee: Clients can choose between two pricing

    1) A flat fee

    2) A fee based on results (performance-based compensation)


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