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Professional Tax Preparation & Advisory

Services for Building Material Suppliers

Tax accountant & Business Advisor
(Serving franchises and independent corporations)

Building material suppliers


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Money is Wealth and Power; and it brings Financial Freedom/Independence and Happiness. We will help you keep more of it; and we will put a big smile on your face.

Services We Provide

#1)Tax Return Preparation (for Building Supplies Companies, Real Estate Owners, and Workers in the Skills-Trade Industry).

#2)Tax Planning and Implementation.

#3) Financial Planning.

#4) IRS and State Tax Problems Resolution.


What we want from you

1) Your Phone number and e-mail address for quick communication.

2) A Paper Copy of the Last Business Tax Return you File.

3) Your Business Gross Income and Expenses.

4) Your Credit Card or Bank Account information to pay for the service.


*State & City Reports:- Sales Tax; Payroll Tax, Business Tax Returns, etc.


*Areas of Control:- Operating Budget; Working Capital; Cashflow; Purchasing; Receiving; Stroage; Points of Sale; Delivery; Returns; Employee Turnover, and General Operating/Overhead Expenses, etc.


Industry Overview

  • Timberlands, Logging, Transportation & Milling.
  • Hardware products & Steel manufacturing.
  • Mergers & Acquisition of Industry Giants (Rio Tinto & Alcan).
  • ISO Quality control standards.
  • Overview of the Construction and Real Estate Market.
  • Warehouse organization, operation and  management.
  • Sales forecasting and capacity planning.
  • Inventory planning and loss prevention policies.
  • Variety & Quality of niche products; and picking & packaging.
  • Employees (laborers, equipment operators, clerks or inventory control personnel).
  • Insurance policies and Construction in coastal regions.
  • Warehouse & Depot Health and Safety policies.
  • Contractors’ accounts, Special orders and Retail sales.
  • Budgeting and Cost Control.
  • Order processing and Shipping & Receiving system.
  • Depot / Warehouse Supervisors and Distribution and Logistic Managers.
  • Coordinating warehouse activities with the following departments:- Purchase, Marketing, Ordering, Credit approval policies, Sales, Distribution, Transportation and Billing & Collection policies.
  • Accounting, Sales tax (VAT), employment taxes & Corporation taxation.

Economic activities and seasonal changes are the forces that shape the operation in this industry and inventory can change from J.I.T. to stockpiling.

A seasonal and climate change can shift the emphasis/orders from air conditioners, window screens, and garden hoses to heating units, storm doors/windows, ice smelters, snow blowers, and shovels.

A storm/hurricane weather forecast will present orders for significant quantities of plywood, nails, screws, electrical saws, hammers and screw guns before the storm arrives; and large orders/stockpiles of lumber, roofing materials, cement, steel products, paint products and electrical, carpentry, masonry and mechanical products and supplies when the storm has ceased/abated.

Some material suppliers carry a variety of items in their inventory and they use the FIFO method of distribution. However, during the peak season or after a storm and demand is high and the warehouse is extremely busy employees may accidentally use the LIFO method of distribution. Hence, the company should determine in its policy whether inventory should be valued at cost, lower of cost or market, retail method, or other appropriate valuation method.


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