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Individual Tax Preparation
(Plus tax preparation checklist)

The information on this page and on the tax preparation checklist would answer your questions in 5 minutes. Call us if we are the right fit for you.

They are U.S. citizens and permanent residents residing and working in the USA, and residing and working overseas. We serve clients in 13 states in the USA and 12 foreign countries. Some of our clients send us their information by Fax, UPS, FedEx, and Post Office.

What we want from you
1) Your Cell Phone and E-mail address for quick communication
2) A paper copy of the last tax return you filed.
3) Your Forms W2 and 1099
4) Your expense deductions (see checklist)
5) Your Credit Card Information to pay for the service

We work with clients in a variety of industries. Our experiences working with high income clients and clients with complex tax returns have made us specialized in that market niche. Incomes of $100,000 to $100,000,000 usually contain investment incomes and losses. They present special challenges that we are able to turn into opportunities to benefit our clients. Some of those challenges we can spot quickly include:
* Mortgage interest deduction limitation
* Itemized deductions limitations
* Loss of personal exemption
* Investment/margin interest deduction & limitation.
* Passive activity loss limitations
* Recapture of depreciation deductions
* Expense allocations
* Net operating loss deductions (NOL's)
* The alternative minimum tax (AMT)
* Excess social security withholding (FICA)
* 0.9% additional medicare tax penalty
* Foreign income exclusion
* Domestic & Foreign tax credits
* Foreign Bank Financial Reporting (FinCEN & FBAR)

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Tax Preparation Checklist
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Real estate owners
Real estate owners