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Tax Preparation &  Advisory 

Service for High Income

Employees and Self employed


(Plus tax preparation checklist)

This website has an annual readership of over 1,020,000. Some of them are Clients; and some of them are Paid Subscribers. They like how we are keeping it REAL with them.

Our CONTINUALLY Updated Tax DATABASE contains over 1,000 Tax Strategies that are unique to your Profession and Industry. It enables us to use the BEST Tax-efficient Structure (Proactive Tax Strategies) that will MINIMIZE your TAX LIABILITY; and MAXAMIZE your Cash-Flow and Disposable Income).

We keep current/update with tax changes that affect High Income and High Net-worth Individuals who are employed in a variety of Trades and Professions. Our experience working with High Income and High Net Worth Clients ($100,000 to $100,000,000) have made us specialized in that market niche.

"We answer their difficult questions, Prepare and File their PRESENT and PRIOR years Tax Returns on a "Case-byCase" basis, Deliver exceptional results; and keep them smiling!"

Clients pay their choice of courier (FedEx; UPS; DHL; Post-Office) and send us their ORIGINAL documents. They get up to $30 credit; and we pay to return their ORGINAL documents and a copy of the Tax Return that we prepared for them. We will Prepare and File your Personal/Individual Tax Return within 5 days AFTER we receive ALL your information.Time Management is VERY important to us. Call us when you are READY to do business with us

The Deadline for filing an Individual Tax Return is April 15. Clients who are living in the USA can file their Individual Quarterly Estimated Tax Forms 1040-ES, and Tax Extension Form 4868 on the IRS website:-IRS.Gov. Clients living overseas can File Form 2350. Clients are responsible filing their Federal & State Tax Return on time; OR Federal & State Tax Extension Forms early and avoid paying a Late Filing Penalty of $220 to the IRS and $100 to the State PER MONTH. Call the IRS HOTLINES (800) 829-1040 and (800)829-4933 from 7am Eastern Standard Time (EST). 

Tax Preparation Fee

Tax Preparation fee is Tax Deductible. In addition, it is an INVESTMENT they made to MINIMIZE their Tax Liability, MAXAMIZE their Tax Refund, increase their CASH FLOW; and keep more of their money (Disposable Income). PLUS, they are in Capable Hands because we are proficient at managing expectations; and we have a Proven and Verifiable track record. Therefore, they get Exceptional Results and  Peace-of-mind; and they have nothing to lose.  Testimonials that we have received during our annual clients survey are overwhelmingly impressive. COMPARE that alongside the TOTAL amount of money they have lost in the Stock Market, Crypto Currencies, Casinos Gambling, Sports Betting, Race Track Betting, Lottery tickets; and people that owe them money and will never pay them (The Opportunity Costs / Financial or Fiscal Prudence):- A Reality Check.

#1)The Fee to Prepare and File a Simple individual Tax Return (Fed & State) is FLAT $280.

#2)The Fee to Prepare and File an Individual itemized Tax Return (Fed & State) that contains information about a Residential Property; or a Rental Property; or Job Related Expense Deductions, STARTS at $400, regardless of the size or the sources of the taxpayers income.

#3) The fee to prepare and file an Individual Tax Return that also contains Stock Trading Transactions is a FLAT $1,275.00.

#4)Some Taxpayers dont want to know the price UP-FRONT. Instead, they prefer to hear about the RESULT first and the PRICE afterwards. If you are one of those taxpayers, we are happy to accommodate you. We will PREPARE your Tax Return and tell you the ORIGINAL result, the FINAL result, the AMOUNT of Tax/Money we SAVED you, and the PRICE/FEE you owe us.

We will use every Regulatory Tax-Break(Tax Write-off) to help you keep more of your money; and we will put a BIG smile on your face. Most importantly, we will give you Peace-of-Mind. Money is Wealth and Power. It also brings Fianacial Freedom/Independence, Happiness, and a lot of Friends

**NOTE:-We empower ambition! You dont have to work in a job that you hate. You can start your own business and take control of your own destiny; and become Finacially Independent like many people have done; OR you can log on to these websites and apply for the job that You Are Qualified for; and You Are Passionate about:-Jobs.Aerotek.com; RobertHalf.com; ZipRecruiter.com; RandStadUsa.com; KellyServices.com; FlexCare.com; InfoSys.com; NewYorkJobDepartment.com; HOK.com; Aecom.com; Stvinc.com; KornFerry.com; SisInc.com; FastSwitch.com; Gensler.com; BrownSchroeder.com. JustWorks.com/careers. If you are looking for qualified workers for your home, log on to HouseHoldStaffing.com. If you want to hire workers for your business, log on to:-Indeed.com/hire and Nexxt.com. If you want to set up an LLC or Corporation, call Legal Zoom at (800) 773-0888 ext 5374; or (323)962-8600

We prepare tax returns on a Case-by-Case basis. We dont rely on Simplistic Rules of Thumb Scenarios and Abstract Concepts to Solve Tax Problems. Our Methodology is meticulous(factually-deep and very effective). We have a Proven Track Record with the IRS and States. Hence, you are in Capable Hands.

*Tax Codes we use (IRC Sections):- 1, 2, 27, 55, 61, 63, 67, 132, 162, 170, 199A, 263, 274, 280, 401, 469, 1211, 179, 901, 6012, 6013, 6015, 6017, 6051,  6103, 7703, etc.). Plus IRS 48 hours of Mandatory Annual Continuing Education.

*Tax Research Companies We Use:-Thompson Reuters; Prentice-Hall; WG&L; CCH; BNA; and RIA. They are the best/legendary; and they are used by IRS Auditors. Hence, you are in capable hands with us.

*Top Law Firms Hiring:- Kirkland.com; Skadden.com; Lw.com; Whitecase.com; Weil.com; Paulhastings.com; Willkie.com; Cravath.com; Wirk.com; Cahill.com; Paulweiss.com; Sullcrom.com; Gtlaw.com; Avispolk.com.


Services We Provide

#1)Annual Tax Planning (We can use over 1,000 tax planning strategies to save you from overpaying thousands of dollars in income taxes; and prepare you for unforeseen contingencies, Including IRC Section 6402(c) for Delinquent Child Support payments; Innocent Spouse(IRC section 6015); Default on Student loan; Changes in your filing status, tax bracket, and tax rates; and the Tax Aspects of Marriage, Seperation, and Divorce - IRC Sections 1, 2, 6013, 7703, etc.).

#2)Federal and Multiple-States Tax Preparation. (Residence, Non-Residence; Part-Year Residence;  Out-of-State Tax Credit; Foreign Tax Credit; Foreign Income Exclusion, etc).

#3)Investment Advisory and Planning.(risk management; Joint Venture Audit; Contract Compliance; Retirement Plan; Insurance; etc.).

#4)Accounts Receivable Collections (we collect money from people that owe you money and dont want to pay you). Give us the contracts that you signed with them.

#5)Business, Franchise, & Real-Estate Advisory (StartingBuying; Leasing; Airbnb(ABNB); Lease-option; Inheritance; Succession; Selling; etc.).

#6)Business Analytics (Financial Analysis; Personal and Business Financial Statements; Business Valuation; Business Loan Application).

#7)IRS, State, and Foreign Tax Preparation and Tax problem resolution(Failure to file tax returns; Wage Garnishment; Collection Appeal; Penalty Abatement; Innocent Spouse Forgiveness; Payment Plans; Prior years taxes you owe; Delinquent Child Support Payments; Default on student loan payments; Tax refunds seizure; Failure to reply to correspondence; etc.You can read for FREE Chapter 2, pages 11 to 20 in my best selling book, "Sweet Success" by Clemson Barry on Amazon.

**NOTE:- We also file Tax Returns with the IRS and FinCEN for clients who must declare Foreign Bank Account(FBARs), and other asset transaction in accordance with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act(FATCA).

Our Clients:-They are U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents, Residing and Working in the USA, and Residing and Working overseas (U.S. Ex-pats.). Some of them Fax their documents to us. However, most of them send us their documents by UPS, DHL, FedEx, and the Post Office.

How we obtain new High-Income & High-Networth clients:-Direct mailing from our exclusive data base; Family-Law Attorneys preparing Pre-nuptial and Divorce Agreements; Mailing list companies; Business Publicationsand Clients referring their Associates/colleagues.

What we want from High-Income Clients.
#1)Your Cell Phone and E-mail address for quick communication.

#2) A paper copy of the last tax return you filed (if you are a new client).

#3) A copy of your Drivers license or State ID; AND a copy of your spouse Drivers License or State ID. (The IRS & States need the information on you tax returns to help combat Identity Theft)-Call the IRS (800) 829-1040 from 7am EST.

#4) Give us those letters that you received from the IRS & States, including the letter you received from the IRS with the IP PIN number that was assigned to you to put on your tax return (Identity Protection Personal Identification Number).

#5) Your Forms W2 wages; and Forms 1099 for Interest & Dividend incomes from your banks; Forms 1099s for Pension, Disability, and Social Security Income you received. 

#6) Form 1095-B or 1095-C(The Affordable Care Act).Health Care Coverage from your employer) - IRC Section 6051(a)(14).

#7)Forms 1099s from your Bank and Stock Broker for Interest and Dividends you received; and Bonds & Stocks you sold during the year. 

#8)Forms W-2G for gambling winnings from Casions, State Lottery, Horse Race, etc.

#9)If you own a Private home, Vacation home, or Time share, We need the Mortgage Interest; Real Estate Tax; School Tax; Town Tax; Village Tax;  Community Tax; Sales Tax you paid on Boat and Automobiles; and Home Owners Association(HOA) Dues/Fee you paid on each property.

#10)If you own a Condo. or Co-op., We need Forms 1099 that show Mortgage Interest you paid to the bank; PLUS the Letter/Statement you received from your Condo Board or Co-op Association that shows the number of Co-op shares you own; and Mortgage Interest and Real Estate Tax that you paid from the maintenance fees you paid during the year.

#11)Rental Income you received from each tenant; and Rental Income you received from the state/city for each State/City subsidize tenant; PLUS ALL expenses you pay to operate the rental property during the year.

#12)Your Business Gross Income and Expense Analysis.(Self-employment, LLCs & Corporation) Click on the link below:- "Tax preparation checklist".

#13)Birth Certificate and Social Security card for each/every dependent you are claiming; and letter from Day Care Center or Baby-sitter you paid.

#14)Forms 1098-T from the college, for tuition you paid for yourself and each dependent under age  24.

#15)Your Credit Card or Bank Account Information to pay for the service.

Our Experiences:- We are aware that limitations on tax deductible items will affect taxpayers tax bracket and tax liability. We will implement a tax strategy that  will allow us to use every (regulatory tax loophole, credit, deduction, exemption, and exclusion in the new tax laws) and bypass those limitations and lower your tax bracket and tax liability; and we will put a BIG smile on their face. Lets start today!!!

Some Items with Tax Deductible Limitations that we can spot very quickly include:-

* Mortgage interest deduction.
* Itemized deductions.
* Loss of personal exemption.
* Investment/margin interest deduction.
* Passive activity loss and carry over
* Recapture of depreciation deductions.
* Excess business loss deductions limitation of $270,000 for Single Taxpayers {IRC 461(1)}.
* Net operating loss deductions (NOLs).
* The alternative minimum tax (AMT).
* Credit for Excess Social Security Tax withholding (FICA) if your income is over $147,000; and if you have more than one job. Also, 
If you are receiving Social Security benefits, UP TO 85% of your benefit can be taxable as your income continue to increase over $25,000.

* 0.9% additional medicare tax on wages; and 3.8% medicare tax on Net Investment Income (NIIT).
* $112, 000 Foreign Earned income Exclusion.
* Gift Tax Exclusion of $16,000 per individual.
* Foreign Bank Financial Reporting (FinCEN and FBAR), etc, etc...


Clients Testimonals:- 

#1)"I was tired of changing Accountants because I was not happy with their service and the result I was getting. Thats why I was hesitant/reluctant to hire you when my friend referred you. However, reading your blogs and talking to you every year for 3-years had finally given me the courage to trust you and take the risk and hired you. Presently, I am very happy I did. I wish I had hired you when I first talked to you".-G. McIntyre, Engineer (Long Island, N.Y.).

#2)"My personal and business tax returns are complex and I needed a Tax Accountant. I received numerous referrals; but I am very picky/fastidious. Everytime I researched and reviewed my list of prospects and their customers experiences, your name kept coming up. Thats why I contacted you and send you my documents. I am glad I trusted you. Great results. Thank you! - J. Morrison, Business Owner (Manhattan, NY).

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Tax Preparation Checklist
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