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High Income Individuals 

(Plus tax preparation checklist)

This year 2021, the New Federal Administration will increase Individual Tax Rate up to 39.6%. High income individuals, be prepared. You have a lot of work to get done. Let's get to the specifics!!

"We are laser-focus on what matters most to our clients. With us in your corner, you will always have a valuable  resource to turn to for practical Tax and Financial Advice, including the Tax Aspects of Marriage and Divorce. Written testimonials we have obtained during our annual clients surveys are overwhelmingly impressive."

My best selling book, "Sweet Success" by Clemson Barry is on Amazon.

We prepare complex tax returns for High-Income and High-Networth Individuals who are employed in a variety of trades and professions. Our experiences working with those clients ($100,000 to $100,000,000) have made us specialized in that market niche. 

Services we provide for High-Income clients.

*Tax and  Financial Planning (including the Tax Aspects of Marriage and Divorce).

*Investment Advisory and Planning.

*Business, Franchise, & Real-Estate Advisory.

*IRS, State, and Foreign Tax Preparation and Tax problem resolution.

**NOTE:- We also file Tax Returns with the IRS and FinCEN for clients who must declare Foreign Bank Account(FBAR's), and other asset transaction in accordance with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act(FATCA).

Clients:- They are U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents, Residing and Working in the USA, and Residing and Working overseas (U.S. Ex-pats.). Some of our clients Fax their documents to us. Most of them send us their documents by UPS, DHL, FedEx, and the Post Office.

How we obtain High-Income & High-Networth clients:-Direct mailing from our exclusive data base and referrals from mailing list companies, and their associates/colleagues.

What we want from High-Income Clients.
#1)Your Cell Phone and E-mail address for quick communication.

#2) A paper copy of the last tax return you filed.

#3) Your Forms W2 and 1099 interest & dividend incomes. Form W-2G gambling winnings from Casinos, State lottery, Horse race, etc.

#4) Investment Incomes from trading (Stock trades from your stock brokers or Brokerage companies).

#5) Mortgage Interest and Property Taxes for each property you own.

#6) Rental Income you received from each tenant and from the state/city; and ALL expenses you pay to operate the rental property.

#7) Business gross income and expense analysis.(click on the link below:- "Tax preparation checklist").

#8) Copy of your state ID or Drivers License (The IRS & State need this information on your tax return to help combat identity theft).

#9) Birth Certificate and Social Security card for each dependent you are claiming.

#10) Your Credit Card or Bank Account Information to pay for the service.

Experience: - We are aware that limitations on tax deductible items can affect their tax bracket and tax liability; so we formulated and implemented a tax strategy. We use every regulatory tax loophole, credit, deduction, exemption, and exclusion in the new tax laws to bypass those limitations and lower their tax bracket and tax liability. They keep more of their earnings; and we put a BIG smile on their face. We will do the same thing for you. Lets start today!!!

Some Items with tax deductible limitations that we can spot very quickly include:-

* Mortgage interest deduction.
* Itemized deductions.
* Loss of personal exemption.
* Investment/margin interest deduction.
* Passive activity loss.
* Recapture of depreciation deductions.
* Expense re-allocations.
* Net operating loss deductions (NOL's).
* The alternative minimum tax (AMT).
* Excess social security tax withholding (FICA).
* 0.9% additional medicare tax penalty.
* Foreign income exclusion.
* Domestic & Foreign tax credits.
* Foreign Bank Financial Reporting (FinCEN & FBAR)., Etc, etc, etc....

Clients' Testimonals:-

#1)"I was tired of changing Accountants because I was not happy with their service and the result I was getting. That's why I was hesitant/reluctant to hire you when my friend referred you. However, reading your blogs and talking to you every year for 3-years had finally given me the confidence/courage to trust you and take the risk and hired you. Presently, I'm very happy I did. I wish I had hired you when I first talked to you".-G. McIntyre, Engineer (Long Island, N.Y.).

#2)"My personal and business tax returns are complex and I needed a Tax Accountant. I received numerous referrals; but I am very picky/fastidious. Everytime I researched and reviewed my list of prospects and their customers' experiences, your name kept coming up. That's why I contacted you and send you my documents. I'm glad I trusted you. Great results. Thank you! - J. Morrison, Business Owner (Manhattan, NY).

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Tax Preparation Checklist
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