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Clemson Barry, Enrolled Agent

MS - Taxation (1993) - Taft University

MBA (Cum Laude) - Entrepreneurship (1997) - Taft

Post Graduate Certificate in Accounting (1999) - NYU

Doctorate (Cum Laude) - Management/Finance (2001) - Southern Cal. U.

Executive Education - Merger & Acquisition (2001) - Columbia U.


Areas of Interest:
Entrepreneurship & mid-market companies
Risk management, cash management, strategic planning, operations management, applied operations research, business development, reorganization/turnaround of financially troubled companies and disposition.


Areas of Interest:
Risk management, financial evaluation, and contract and procurement investigation (appearance of impropriety, anomaly, due diligence, deterrence and accountability).

Areas of Specialization:
Tax research, tax compliance issues, tax planning and advisory services, structuring tax-efficient transactions, tax fraud allegations, mitigating/postponing IRS enforcement action, tax appeals, representation, tax liens removal, offers-in-compromise, discharging taxes in bankruptcy.

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Areas of Interest:
Commercial & residential buildings.

I graduated from secondary school in the Caribbean. I passed examinations in maths., add-maths., English, accounting, economics, and commerce given by the University of London and Cambridge. I worked for five years as a customs broker for two major import/export firms in the Caribbean. My job required interaction with airline and steamship agencies; and with sales, accounting, warehouses, banks, insurance, and government departments. When I arrived at the first company, the customs department was in disarray and the company was losing sales because imported merchandise was scattered all over the government warehouses and the company's tracking system was ineffective. Merchandise was not arriving at the company's warehouse on time to be available to the sales department. We installed systems and turned around the department. My work ethic was top-notch and my skill was in demand, so I was hired by a second company to perform a similar job for twice the pay. I migrated to the USA and started my consulting practice three years later to test my mettle and my ability to own and manage a business while I attended school and worked for companies in various industries. The practical experience/knowledge that I have acquired from working in those industries, coupled with mandatory annual continuing education, has given me a clear competitive advantage in business restructuring. My clients have experienced the advantage when they look at their bottom lines and realize their businesses have consistently turned out record profits year after year. I owned shares in some of those businesses.

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