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The Merchant Marine Industry

(Plus an overview of the industry)

Professional Services We Provide Seafarers/Mariners.

*Tax Planning;       *Financial Planning;       *Tax Preparation.   

*Starting a Business;  *Buying a Franchise;  *Real-Estate Advisory.

The Merchant Marine Industry


Merchant Marine Jobs:-

1)MyJobHelper.com;  2)EagleShips.com. 

3)StarBulk.com;  4)Detyens.com.



7)SeaCareer.com;   8)Osg.com.

9)Morantug.com; 10)Boskalis.com; 11)Reinauer.com; 12)Alpmaritime.com.

Thanks for logging-on to this webpage to get the RELIABLE and DETAIL information you need. We are READY to work with you, if Exceptional Results and Tangible Benefits are Important to you.

***NOTE:-The IRS has collected US$4.9 Trillion from 2022 tax filings. This is US$790 Billion more than 2021 tax filings, according to the report from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration(TIGTA). This is proof that the IRS is adhering to "Enforced Compliance" measures.The IRS will start accepting Corporation Tax Returns on JANUARY 16, 2024. The DEADLINE is March 15, 2024. Calling the IRS from inside the USA (800) 829-1040 and (800) 829-4933, from 7:00am EST.  From overseas (267)941-1000 and (313) 234-6146, from 8:00am EST.

We are Proficient at Managing Clients Expectation. Our website attracts over 1,020,000 readers in several industries. Some of them are Clients, Some of them are Paid Subscribers, and some of them are Searching for a Tax-Accountant or Business Advisor that has the EXPERTISE ("Industry-Specific Knowledge"), SHARED PASSION, and COMMITMENT they need to accomplish their goal.

We have saved our Clients $450 million in taxes. Hence, they have more LIQUIDITY (Cash-flow, Disposable Income, and Working Capital) that enabled them to maintain their Personal and Business Financial Obligations and Credit-worthiness. What do you want us to do for you, TODAYTime Management is VERY important to us. Contact us when you are READY to do BUSINESS with us.

We prepare PRESENT and PRIOR years Tax Returns for over 400 New and Regular Seafarers; and we speak their language. Those Tax Returns contain Job Related Expenses and Ports Per Diems in accordance with the IRS & DOT rules. Some Seafarers work Intra-State and Inter-State on Ships and Tugboats; and some of them sail in International Waters and dock in Foreign Ports.

Our CONTINUALLY updated Tax DATABASE contains ports PER DIEM amounts. It also contains over 1,000 Tax Strategies that are unique to this industry. It enables us to use the BEST Tax Efficient Structure that will MINIMIZE Seafarers Tax Liability and MAXAMIZE their Tax Refund, Cash-flow, and Disposable income without raising a red flag. Hence, our Seafarers clients have never been audited by the IRS or State because we are proficient at managing expectations, and we have a PROVEN and VERIFIABLE Track Record of over 30-years. Testimonials that we have obtained from Seafarers during our Annual Seafarers Survey are overwhelmongly impressive.

Seafarers pay their choice of courier (Post-Office; UPS; FedEx; DHL) and send us their ORIGINAL documents. Tax Preparation fee is $580 (less up to $30 credit) for mailing their documents to us. We pay the Post-Office (regular delivery rate) to return their ORIGINAL documents and a Copy of the Tax Return that we prepared for them.

Our network is vast and varied; and the synergies we bring to every client are limitless(Cohesive Group Dynamics). The turn-around time to prepare a Seaman/Seafarer Tax Return is WITHIN 5 days AFTER we received ALL the informationTime Management is VERY important to us. Call us when you are READY to do business with us

The deadline for filing your Business Tax Return is March 15; and your Individual Tax Return is April 15. File your Tax Return early; OR file a Federal & State Tax Extension Form on time. You can avoid paying a Late Filing Penalty of $220 to the IRS and $100 to each State PER MONTH (IRS calls it, "Enforced Compliance"). Go to the IRS website (IRS.gov). Fill out and file Tax Extension Form 4868 for individuals OR Form 7004 for Corporations. You Call the IRS HOTLINES (800)829-4933 AND (800) 829-1040 from 7am Eastern Standard Time(EST).


Lets get to the specifics!!

Money is Wealth and Power. It also brings Financial Independence, Happiness, and a lot of friends. We will use every Regulatory Tax Loophole (deduction, credit, exemption, exclusion, deferral, loss carryover/carryforward, etc) to help you keep more of your money; and we will put a BIG smile on your face. You will get Peace-of-mind. 

Tax Codes we use (IRC Sections):- 1, 2, 55, , 61, 63, 67, 162, 170, 199A, 274, 901, 904, 911, 916, 945-948, 2089-2090, 2427, 6013, 6015, etc); Plus IRS 48 hours of Mandatory Annual Continuing Education. We dont rely on simplistic rules of thumb scenarios and abstract concepts to solve Tax Problems. Our methodology is factually deep and very effective.You can read for FREE Chapter 2, pages 11-20 in my best selling book, "Sweet Success" by Clemson Barry on Amazon.

**Research Companies we use:-Thompson Reuters; Prentice-Hall; WG&L; CCH; BNA; and RIA. They are the best/legendary; and they are use by IRS Auditors. Hence, You are in capable hands with us.

**Seamans Tax Home (IRC Sections 67, 162, 274):-Because of the nature of the job, a seaman may travel to several ports in the USA and or Overseas. However, a Seamans Tax Home is the country/state where s/he has established a Principal Residence. Un-reimbursed Job related expenses that Seafarers incurred while they are away from Home is Tax Deductible.

**Who our clients are:-Our clients are unionized Seafarers (International Organization of Masters, Mates & Pilots -IOMM&P; Marine Engineers Beneficial Association-(MEBA), American Maritime Officers-AMO; etc.). They are Captains/masters, Chief Mate, Pumpman, Engineers, Electricians, Boatswains/Bosuns, AB Men, Cooks/chefs, Cadets/Midshipman from USMMA, and Rig Workers (Drill Ships offshore oil & gasfrom Exxon, Shell & BP. We reimbursed them for mailing their documents to us.

**Where our Clients work:-Some of our seafarer/seaman clients work Intrastate and Interstate on BulksShips, Barges, Towboats,Tugboats, Dredgers & Salvagers (Moran, ALP Maritime,Tote Marine, H.J. Reinauer, Boskalis, etc.); and we listen to vessels/cargo ships checking in with Vessel Traffic Services (VTS); and Customs & Border Protection units(CBP units) walk-through inspection on cargo ships a few miles off-shore ( Better known as the Maritime, Smuggling & Destruction Unit). 

***IMPORTANT UPDATE:-Some states have reciprocal tax agreement. However, a seman who live/domicile in New Jersey and his ship travels and dock in New York ports should tell his company dont mention New York State on his Form W2 because New York State will charge him Non-Resident Income Tax. Some States do not adhere to the rule that a Seaman is not required to pay income tax in another state if s/he didnt spend more than 14 consecutive days in that state.

Some of our seafarer clients are onboard cargo ships that sail in deep sea, in International and Foreign waters, and dock in foreign ports. Those ships were built to cater to different demands in the world economy:-

1) Dry-Bulk Carriers Ships (Container, Automobile and General Cargo).

2) Tankers & Super Tanker Ships (Crude, Product, Chemical, LPG/LNG).

3) Reefer Ships (Refrigerated Cargo).

4) Passenger/Cruise Ships (People/Human beings).

Some of the shipping companies they work for are:- Moller-Maersk, Central Gulf, CMA-CGM, Mediterranean Shipping (MSC), Alaska Tanker, Atlantic Container Lines, The World, Royal Caribbean, Chartered Yachts, etc.

To claim the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (IRC Section 911) and/or The Foreign Tax Credit (IRC Section 27, 901, 904) for income tax paid to another country, a Seaman who is a US Citizen MUST meet THREE requirements:-

#1)Work on a ship that sail offshore in a foreign country.

#2)The ship cannot operate more than 3-miles off the coast of the foreign country.

#3)The seaman MUST work outside the USA for a MINIMUM of 330 days (physical presence test).


Testimonials from Seafarers

(Testimonials we received from our Clients Survey)

#1) "Thanks for helping me claim the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion and the Foreign tax credit on my US tax returns for income taxes I paid in the UK. You are sharp!! You gave me a quick and accurate assessment; and you prepared my tax returns quickly".-Capt., J. Dundee (London, UK).

*****VERY IMPORTANT:-US citizens are  required to file a US tax return every year and pay income tax on their worldwide gross income (section 61). That includes income earned regardless of where US citizens (sailor/seafarer) live during the year (section 863). However, if you are a UK national but didnt live/domicile in the UK; and you didnt work in British Waters during the year, you dont have to  pay UK income tax on your earnings. This is where UK and USA seafarers nationals/citizens get confused. Captain Dundee holds dual citizenship (UK & USA). He lives in the UK with his wife and children. His ship flies a foreign flag and doesnt berth in US ports or travel in US waters; and he didnt travel to the USA during the year.

#2)"I work on Alaska Tanker. I stumbled on your website as I was searching for an Accountant on google. I was impressed with your knowledge and I called you and mailed my documents to you. Thanks for reimbursing me for postage. I am happy with the service and the result. I am glad I trusted you and took the risk and hire you".-AB Man, R. Sealey (Seattle WA).

#3)"This is my first year out from the academy. I worked onboard a Tug Boat that plies/traverse NY, NJ, CT, & PA  waters. The per diem deductions that I received have reduced my federal & state income taxes; and I used the extra money to reduce the balance on my huge student loan".-Mate, D. Santos (Patterson, NJ).

#4)"I live/domicile in Delaware. I travelled to my union hall in Maryland to get a job. I spent one week in a hotel there. Every day, I traveled to the union hall and back to the hotel; and I eat at a restaurant. I got a job on board a ship that is based in PA. I travelled and joined the ship in PA.The ship travels and berth in the ports of MD, NY, NJ, CT and PA. My paychecks and Form W2 come from the ships office in PA. During the last four years I received unemployment compensation from PA, and my form 1099 shows the amount of money I received and the PA withholding tax. This year is the first year I received money back from PA and dont have to pay PA. In addition, you reimbursed me $20 for sending my documents to you. I am glad I hired you.You made my day. Thank you!".-Engineer, C. Mason (Middletown, DE).

#5)"Great! I am happy I dont have to pay Income tax in those states where my ships traveled and dock/berth. I dont live there, I dont have an address there, and I dont have a vacation home there, or a drivers license from there. That has been my  argument with my Accountant. Thanks, Barry.You are the best!!" -Boatswain, J. Crowe (Manhattan, NY).

**NOTE:-Tax preparation is completed Quickly, Efficiently, and Accurately; and we put our Reputation and Track Record behind it. We used EVERY regulatory Tax Loophole, Credit, Deduction, Exemption, and Exclusion to help sea-men keep MORE MONEY in their pocket; and we put a BIG smile on their face. We will steer your tax returns successfully out of the intricate (IRS and States) Network of Tax Codes, Rules, Practices, and Procedures, in a similar manner to the way you guide your ships successfully out of Sea Storms/Tsunamis, around Ice-Bergs, through busy Lakes and Seaports; and through Narrow and Treacherous Seaports/harbors, Straits, and Canals."I have your back. You can count on me!!"Lets start today!! 

#6)"I was tired of changing Accountants because I was not happy with the service and result. Thats why I was hesitant/reluctant to hire you when my friend referred you to me. Reading your blogs, and talking to you every year for 3-years had finally given me the confidence/courage to trust you and take the risk and hired you. Presently, I am very happy I did. Thanks for the reimbursement. I wish I had hired you when I first talked to you".-Engineer, G. McIntyre (Long Island, NY).

#7)"I am a ship captain. I dont have time to visit my Accountant. I organized my documents and mail them to Barry. I received reimbursement for mailing my documents to him. Two weeks later my tax refund was in my bank account; and my copy, a gift, and the documents I sent him arrived at my address. I was like, wow!! I like that".-Capt., Samuel, K. (Jacksonville, FL).

#8)"Every year my wife mails our documents to Barry. He has always given us credit for mailing our documents to him. His firm has exceeded our expectation and we are happy with the results".- Electrician, J. Newton (Toms River, NJ).

**IMPORTANT:-ALL Cients (New and Regular) must notify us by phone or e-mail before sending their documents to us. Its in the best interest of all of us/everybody.


SeamenTax Breaks

You may qualified for PER DIEMS allowances under the IRS and DOT rules whether you work on a ship/vessel/tugboat that travel interstate, intrastate or deep-sea/international; so keep your Travel logs, Receipts for job related expenses and job search (Travel, Food, Lodging, Phone calls, Resumes and other job related expenses).

In addition, you may use our Seafarers Expense Tax Organizer, pages 19 & 20. Print out those two copyright pages. Fill out those two pages and send them to us. When we receive them, we will process the information and add the APPROPRIATE Per Diem(s) for your port(s). Per Diems are usually different from port-to port, and it can change from year-to-year in accordance with the Consumer Price Index.


#1)"I like the Seaman tax organizer and the $20 credit you gave me for mailing my documents to you. The organizer helped me remember important tax deductions that I would have overlooked" - AB Man,  M. Saunders (Long Beach, CA).

#2)"The tax organizer is great. Thanks for being so thoughtful. I need every penny I can get back from taxes that I overpaid, to pay off my student loan. Thanks for reimbursing me for the cost of mailing my documents to you".- Cook, L. Howard (New Haven, CT).


Maritime Related Education

*Maine Maritime Academy (Castine, ME).

*The Maritime Institute (San Diego, CA).

*Lloyds Maritime Academy (London, UK).

*M.S. Taxation & IRS Enrolled Agent (EA) - 1989 to present.

*IRS 48 hours of Mandatory Annual Continuing Education. 

*Insurance Broker (Property & Casualty).

*Real Estate Salesperson & Brokers Certificates.

*Mortgage underwriting & Banking Certificates.

How we get new Seamen clientsDirect Mailing from our exclusive Database; Family-Law Attorneys preparing Pre-nuptial and Divorce Agreements; Seafarers searching on Google, UTube and other search engines; Speaking and Writing extensively in support of the industry; Practitioners who are not quite familiar with this industry; Referrals from workers at Union Halls such as:- Rail, Maritime & Transport Workers (RMT)-UK. Masters, Mates & Pilots (M.M.&P)-USA; Marine Engineers Benficial Association(MEBA)-USA.;  American Maritime Officers(AMO)-USA.; Transport Workers Union (TWU)-USA, etc).

What we want from Seamen

1) Your Cell Phone number and E-mail address for quick communication

2) A Paper Copy of the last tax return you filed if you are a new or returning client.

3) Proof IRS needs:-U.S. Coast Guard Certificates of Discharge AND Vessel Voyage Schedules for all ships you work on (46 USC 10311 & 10321). IRS (800) 829-1040 from 7am EST.

4) A Copy of your Drivers license or State ID; AND a copy of your spouse Drivers License or State ID.(Started in 2016, the IRS & States require the information on this document be included on ALL tax returns to help deter/combat identity theft). IRS (800) 829-1040 and (800)829-4933 from 7am EST.

5) Give us those letters you received from the IRS and States, including the letter you received from the IRS with the IP PIN number that was assigned to you to put on your tax return (Identity Protection Personal Identification Number).

6) A copy of the Birth Certificate and Social Security Card for each dependent you are claiming; PLUS information from the Day Care Center or Baby-Sitter you paid.

7) Seamen Job Related Expenses (Send us the "Expense Organizer" pages).

8) Forms W2 and Vacation Plan (AMO, M.M.&P, M.E.B.A, etc Vacation plans).

9) Forms 1099 (Social Security; Unemployment Compensation; Disability; PensionStudent Loan Interest paid; Dividends received; Stocks & Bonds sold; Interest Income from savings; Mortgage Interest paid; Property tax paid; Charitable Donations; etc.).

10) Forms W-2G for gambling winnings from Casinos, State Lottery, Race Track Betting; and Forms 1098-T from the college(s) for Tuition and Expenses you paid.

11) If you own a Private Residence, Time Share, and/or Vacation Home, we need the Mortgage Interest; Real Estate Tax; School Tax; Village Tax; Community Tax; Sales Tax you paid for Boat and Automobiles; and Home-Owners Association(HOA) dues/fee you paid on each property during the year. 

12) If you own a Condo. or Co-op., We need the Mortgage Interest you paid your bank; PLUS the Letter/Statement you received from your Condo Board or Co-op Association that shows the number of shares you own(Co-op) and Mortgage Interest and Real Estate Tax you paid from the maintenance fee you paid during the year.

13) For each Rental Property you own, we need the Mortgage Interest and Property Tax and the Rent you received from each tenant and the state/city; PLUS ALL expenses you pay to operate the property. 

14) If you own a Business (C-Corp., S-Corp., Partnership; or Sole Proprietorship), we need a Copy of the last Business Tax Return you filed; PLUS the Business Gross Income, and an Analysis of the Operating Expenses you paid during the year.

15) We need Form 1095-A, 1095-B or 1095-C (The Affordable Care Act) from your employer or union to show the IRS you had Medical/Health insurance during the year. (The information on the form would be included on your tax return to stop the IRS from charging you a penalty).

16) We need Your Credit Card or Bank Information to pay for the service. That information MUST be on file before we start working on your tax return.

**NOTE:-A copy of the Tax Return we prepare for you and ALL documents you send us will be return to you by the Post Office.

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