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Business Valuation, Buying, Selling, & Financing

Barry's Accounting Services has provided business valuation and has helped negotiate the purchase, sale, and financing of over 35 companies and professional practices (restaurants, bakeries, record companies, apparel, construction, building material suppliers, supermarkets, manufacturing, transportation, and health care practices).

Financing the Purchase

If you do not have the full amount of money to purchase a business, we can help you negotiate seller's financing for a period of 2 to 3 years until you are qualified to receive bank financing or we can use your data to prepare a loan proposal that meets our lender's requirements ensuring that you have a 90% chance of obtaining a loan. The remaining 10% will depend on your credit worthiness, your ability and experience to manage the business and adequately service the loan on time, and your share of equity in the property that you are pledging as collateral to secure the loan. The seller/lender would require that you retain us as your business advisor and accountant for bookkeeping, tax, and monthly financial reporting to them for the duration of the loan.

Business Valuation

Business valuation is the appraisal of the economic value of a business.

Who would need a business valuation report?

Buyers, partners, courts, taxing authorities, creditors, and investors.

When is a business valuation report required?

  1. Buying, merging, or selling a business
  2. Divorce proceedings
  3. Estate planning and probate
  4. Partner(s) entering and exiting
  5. Filing for bankruptcy and reorganization
  6. Tax purposes (evaluating capital gains or losses)
  7. Verification of worth (bankers and investors)
  8. Private placement and initial public offering

When will the report be available?

From 3 days to 90 days — it depends on how quickly you provide us with the necessary information, how quickly we can have access to the business, and how quickly you pay us.


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