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Brooklyn, New York 11210
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Annual Gifts - Since 1984

At Barry's Accounting Services, we focus our attention on clients' satisfaction. We represent clients who have class and set themselves apart from the crowd.

Apart from receiving the best service in the industry, you will also receive all of the following as a token of our appreciation for doing business with us.


Electronic Filing


Diary & Pen or Note pad & Pen

Gourmet coffee and tea refreshments

White, high-gloss folder emblazoned in gold

Tote bag with the firm's name printed on it (limited quantity)


Diary and Pen

In addition, we will accept the face value of any discount coupon or gift certificate that you may have received from another accountant. To ensure you receive your discount, give us the discount coupon or gift certificate after we give you the price for the service.

Thanks for your time and thanks for your business.

Clem Barry
(Owner & founder)