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Client Update - quarterly newsletter


Operations Policy & Business History

What all clients (new, current, and former) must know before they decide to do business with us

1) Confidentiality and document security. We do not fax copies of tax returns to clients or 3rd parties. For a fee, clients can pick up an additional copy at the office or we can charge their bank account or credit card and mail the copy to them. 3rd parties who want information about a client must send us a court order or a written power of attorney that is signed by the client. It must describe the issue(s) that they want to discuss. We also maintain physical, electronic, and other procedural safeguards that secure clients' information in accordance with federal, state, and foreign regulations. Keeping our files current and active is a priority. A current and active client list is the lifeblood of every business. Therefore, when clients stop doing business with us, their documents are shredded and electronic files are erased from our system. Former clients will be considered new clients if/when they return.
2) Quarterly newsletter. This newsletter is on our website and it is updated every three months. Clients should log on to the website every quarter and get the latest tax and business information that will help them lower their taxes instead of waiting to hear about the changes (what's new) at the end of the year.

Sending documents. Clients can continue to use their choice of courier service (Fax, e-mail, Fed-X, UPS, USPS, etc.) to send us their tax documents. Clients will get CREDIT for REGULAR mailing expense (NOT EXPRESS OR OVERNIGHT MAIL). We recommend that clients notify us the same day that they mail us their documents. We respect clients who are organized and who are cooperating with us to get the job done. We will honor our commitments under the law and we expect our clients to honor theirs.

4) Responsibility. We have an excellent record with the taxing authorities (IRS, States, and Cities). However, that does not mean we or any other tax preparation company can stop government auditors from doing their jobs — auditing taxpayers. Hence, clients are advised to keep records to substantiate credits and deductions taken on their tax returns in case the taxing authorities decide to do a routine check of their tax returns.
5) We serve clients in several industries. Each industry has its own webpage where we discuss issues that are akin to that industry. Clients should select the industry that they are involved with and read the contents on the page to see if we are the right fit for them. If we are the right fit, call us or send us an e-mail. This process avoids clients and us from wasting time.
6) Telephone & voicemail. We expect callers/clients to speak to us when we answer the phone, or leave a message on the firm's voicemail. Some callers/clients have adopted a habit of hanging up when we answer the phone; and they expect us to return their calls. Our business policy with regards to this situation is: "We don't have time to waste with people who are not serious. Calls will not be returned to callers who hang up when we answer the phone or didn't leave a message and their telephone number on our voice mail."
7) E-commerce (the internet and the world wide web). Clients' data are stored in a Cyber Cabinet (remote access). This system helps us respond to clients demands regardless of where clients' are located and time zones. This is also a business continuity plan to quickly recover from major disasters. Through remote access, myself and/or our tax professionals can sit in any country and log on to our system 24/7 and process work for clients. Technology has changed the way modern businesses operate and we cannot ignore the benefits. If you have any objection about this method of operation, please send us your e-mail describing your concern.
8) What clients must do if they have reasonable questions or have a problem with the work that we have done for them. Please exercise your rights and call my office (718) 677-4006 to speak to me, Clem Barry. However, it may be quicker for you to send me an e-mail describing your concern. I take customer concerns VERY SERIOUSLY.

What clients should know about our services and pricing policy. We are Tax Accountants and Business Consultants. We charge our clients on a case-by-case basis (project-by-project basis) in a similar manner to attorneys, doctors, and contractors. Clients are charged a flat fee or a fee that is based on results (performance-based compensation). Clients have always gotten what they paid for and, in some cases, we have exceeded their expectations.


What if clients want us to render ongoing services to them? We have monthly contracts with several clients. We also provide e-mail and telephone consultation service to clients. For example, we give clients business consultation over the phone and they pay for the service online with their check or credit card. An array of services are listed on our website.

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History of the business

(a) Established: Started in 1982 making house calls; and built from the ground up on a shoestring budget, hard work, and resilience. No more house calls. Only call to business premises outside the home.
(b) Capitalization: Self-financed, no debt, strong working capital and contingency reserves. Tight financial and operations policies and controls.
(c) Leadership: Visionary, transparent, strategic, realistic, detail-oriented, result-oriented, reliable, hands-on; and in-depth knowledge about human behavior, socio-economic issues, and international/global business operations.
(d) Critics: We have always listened to critics who have practical and cost-effective solutions. Hence, feedback from intelligent people is important to us. We will not listen to; or become a pawn to critics who are just blowing smoke. This is a professional business. We don't listen to nonsense.
(e) Clientele: U.S. Citizens and Residences (Individuals & Businesses) domiciled in the U.S.A., Europe, and the Caribbean. Taxation and Foreign Financial Asset Reporting (Off-Shore Accounts) in compliance with FATCA (FBAR's with FinCEN).
(f) Results: Over 75,000 tax returns have been prepared in-house over 30 years amid the rapid changes in the tax laws. Clients have received over $200 million in tax refunds. However, not every client received a refund.
(g) Client Acquisition (How we obtain customers): The Internet (search engines), Public speaking & writing, Trade & Fashion shows, Music & Films festivals/awards, Investment & Business Forums, Outsourcing companies, Professional referrals services, and contracts with successful individuals and established companies.
(h) Customer satisfaction: Excellent, 98% to 100% client retention. It varies annually. However, we have more than enough EXTRA clients to replace those who may have died or gone to other tax practitioners. In fact, some clients who went elsewhere have come back to us. That is the nature of this industry.
(i) Rating: A+ by the Better Business Bureau. Registered with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and Dunn & Bradstreet (D-U-N-S #19-455-2618).

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