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Consultation Services Consultation Services

Why would anybody need a Consultant?

You may not need us now, but you might need us in the future, so here are the cold, hard facts.

Fact #1
Companies frequently seek help from outside professionals because they want a different prospective or a fresh/new approach to finding a solution to a problem. Also because it is sometimes more feasible for them to do so than to retain in-house specialists in every discipline in which expertise is required.

Fact #2
Independent consultants can, and they sometimes do, revive ailing companies and save jobs during economic recessions, when everybody is running away from those companies. We frequently broker financial and bailout deals to keep companies out of bankruptcy. Some of us have invested our own money in companies that have given us a warranty and the authority to restructure and manage them.

Fact #3
An investigation that involves allegations against executives; or issues that have an impact on a company's operation, finances, value, reputation, or validity as a going concern would have to be conducted by outside professionals — independent consultants that do not have close ties to the company because the findings/results must be beyond reproach.

Barry's Accounting Services provides custom-made consultation services for entrepreneurships, corporations, and mid-to-high-income individuals. Clients can choose from an array of value-added services covering fifteen industries, plus other key services such as expertise in debt control and cash management, cost segregation, activity-based costing, transfer pricing, revenue acceleration, and extensive experience in due diligence, forensic accounting, business reorganization/restructuring, property and casualty insurance claims, construction contracts, and procurement.

Clients are charged a flat fee or a fee that is based on the result (performance-based compensation).

Fee for advisory service
Client is charged $300 for advice in the office or over the phone. The fee is credited to the client if we receive work from the client within 30 days. (If a client pays for tax advice and we receive tax representation work or any work from the client within 30 days).

Flat fee:

  • Buying or selling a residential or commercial property - $500
  • Letters for banks and mortgage companies - $200
  • Debt consolidation and monthly payment reduction - $1,000
  • Personal financial statement for banks - $300
  • Business financial statement for banks and investors - $500
  • Starting, buying, or selling a business - $500
  • Tax planning for recently married couples - $500
  • Review divorce agreement for tax consequences - $500

A deposit + performance-based compensation

  • Aggressive public relations campaign for individuals or corporations
  • Business restructuring
  • Business management for absentee owners
  • Entertainment management

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We have confidence in the value of the services that we provide because our clients have expressed their appreciation for them. The fees that you pay for this service is an investment that will bring you immediate benefit(s) and it is also a tax-deductible business expense/tax write-off.

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