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Bookkeeping Services

Shocking discovery?  It's your fault.

Hire a competent bookkeeper or hire an
accountant to keep your business on track.

Bookkeeping Services
Hire a competent bookkeeper

Any business that does not have an adequate bookkeeping system is fair game for predators. Predators can be a partner or trusted employee who is secretly siphoning money out of the business, suppliers acting in collusion with employees, customers hoodwinking the company, and the taxing authorities, attorneys, and labor department taking advantage of your weakness. In addition, runaway expenses and underpayment of taxes can ruin the business.

What is the solution?
Barry's Accounting Services
has assembled a group of general and specialist bookkeepers from your industry to work for you for a minimum of five hours. Our bookkeepers can help you make the transition to a new bookkeeping system or overhaul, clean up, update, install internal controls, and ensure your new or old system operates effectively and efficiently. They will ensure the accounting method they have chosen for your business matches your industry and company needs and meets IRS and state requirements if you are audited or if you have a labor dispute.

What are the benefits?
Monitoring your company's income, expenses, cash flow, and working capital will become an effortless task as you strive to adhere to transparency and accountability. You will feel confident when you use the system to make snap business decisions and track suspicious transactions. The system will help you plan for economic recessions, pinpoint areas for business growth and cost reduction, alert you to waste, abuses, and cost overruns, and it will help you maintain/restore creditor, employee, and customer confidence in your business. Clem Barry, the accountant and consultant, will prepare the financial statements and tax returns, and handle IRS, state, and tax court issues.

We have confidence in the value of the services that we provide because our clients have expressed appreciation for them. The fee you pay for this service is an investment that will bring you immediate benefits and it is also a tax-deductible business expense.

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