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Real Estate Taxation & Property Insurance

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Professional Tax Preparation and Advisory

Service for Real-Estate Owners & Investors.

This year, the New Federal Administration has proposed an increase in the Individual Tax Rate from 37% to 39.6%; and an increase in the Capital Gains Tax Rate from 23.8% to 43.4%. Be Prepared. Time Management is very important to us. Call us after (as soon as) you sell your Rental Property. 

The Real Estate Market is HOT; and so is the Capital Gains Tax you will pay when you sell your Rental Property.You\'ll have a lot of work to get done. We are specialized in Real-Estate Taxation. You will pay us from the money we saved you. We will put a BIG smile on your face like we have done to hundreds of Real Estate Owners and Investors.

We prepare Single-State and Multiple-State tax returns for over 1,900 Real Estate Clients. They are Owners, Long-term Investors, and "Flippers". They operate as Individuals, LLP., LLC., and Corporations (Single Family, Co-op., Condo., Residental Rental, Mixed Use, Commercial, and Shopping Mall). Those clients and their properties are located in NY., NJ., CT., PA., DE., GA., FL., CA., AZ., & NV.

Money is Wealth and Power. It also brings Financial Freedom/Independence, Happines, and a lot of Friends. We will use every Regulatory Tax Loophole to help you keep more of your money; and we will put a BIG smile on your face. 

**#1).Activities we focus on:-Real-Estate Appraisal, Planning, Acquisition(Buy or Like-kind Exchange), Operation, Repossession, Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, and Sale.

**#2).Tax Codes we use(IRC Sections):- 61, 108, 109, 110, 162, 167, 168, 179, 195, 199A, 212, 263, 280, 139, 441-446, 453, 460, 469, 856, 759, 1006, 1211, 1221, 1231, 1245, 1250, 1841, 3402, 6013, etc.); Plus IRS 48 hours of Mandatory Annual Continuing Education. We don\'t rely on simplistic rules of thumb to solve Real-Estate Tax Problems. Our methodology is meticulous (factually deep and effective).

**#3).Tax Research Companies we use:- Thompson Reuters; Prentice-Hall; WG&L; RIA; CCH, and NBA. They are the best/legendary; and they are use by IRS Auditors. Hence, you are in capable hands with us.

**#4).Property we focus on:-Private Homes; Mixed-use; Apartment Buildings; Commercial/Retail; Industrial; Condos., Co-ops., Vacation Homes; Time-Shares; Airbnb(ABNB)(Repairs, Demolition, Construction, Buying, Selling, Renting, Leasing, and Lease-Option).

**#5).Services we provide:-Tax Planning; Tax Preparation; Advisory; IRS & State Tax Resolution; Natural Disaster Risks Assessments, Planning and Social Pandemic Risks Assessments, Planning & Management.

**#6).Our Knowledge of Mortgage:-Loan Origination, Processing, Underwriting, Closing, Warehousing, and Sale of Mortgage to another company. There is also "Bridge Loan"; "Home Equity Loan" ; Home Equity Line of Credit" or 2nd Mortgage; and there is "Reverse Mortgage". Reverse Mortgage is often used by senior citizens to withdraw equity/money from their residence(1-family house). It is different from a Home Equity Loan because usually senior citizens don\'t have to make repayment unless they default on their maintenance agreement with the bank.

**#7).How to buy your first home:- Go to your Credit UnionBank or to a Mortgage Company and tell them you want to buy Your First Home and you want a Letter of Pre-qalification or a Letter of Pre-approval from them. Give them the information they want, and take the letter you received from them to a Real Estate Broker. The Broker will appreciate your seriousness and show you houses that are in Your Price Range; and you or your Broker can negotiate with the seller. Happy House Hunting!!

***Gated Commuities:- Buying a house in a Gated Community or a Home Owners Association Commmunity is not for everybody. It is for people who have the same level of tolerence and respect for other people\'s rights to quiet enjoyment. Hire a Real-Estate Attorney and be sure you are willing to abide with the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions in the Agreement you sign with the HOA Board. Those rules are there for the Safety, Comfort, and Quiet Enjoyment of everybody in that community, including Protection and Preservation of property values. Those rules can be enforced if you overstep them by mistake. The consequences are costly. This include fines; or returning your money back to you and throwing you out of the commutity. Those Rules pertain to:- Payment of HOA fees; Pets; Owner Occupied(No Tenant); Garbage/littering; Visitors Restrictions; Noise(Noise Abatement Acts); Public Nuisance; Exterior Maintenance; Number of vehicles allowed; Parking; Car Washing/Repairing on the premises; etc. The Police can enforce some HOA Rules because the HOA is located in the Police Precinct and HOA rules usually comply with State and Local Laws/Ordinances.

**#8) Analyzing a Rental Property as a good Investment:-The Present Rent Roll; Cash Flow; Tax Breaks; Expected future Cash Flow; Appreciation in Market Value; and Savings on Capital Gains Tax when it is sold.

**#9) How to know if a house that you like is a good house:- You are buying the house "AS IS". Therefore, make sure the house doesn\'t have Asbestos and Molds; and Rodents & Pests in crawl spaces in the house. For $300-$500, pay a Home Inspector to look at the Structure of the house, including  the Electrical, Plumbing, Boiler, Hot Water & Cooling system, Roof, Basement, Foundation; and swamp land around the house. The inspector will give you a report OR give you the OK to buy the house. If the Roof, Foundation, Electrical, Plumbing or Heating/Cooling system is in poor condition, get an estimate to replace it from a contractor. Take the estimate with you to the closing so that your Attorney will get the seller to put the money in an Escrow Account for you to replace the damaged or rotten item after you close the deal.That is perfectly legal. DON\'T take a Discount from the selling price(Sellers Concession). If you take a Discount from the selling price you will end up having TWO mortgages(the Original Mortgage and a 2nd Mortgage to replace the damaged/ROTTEN item).That\'s VERY important!!  

**#10).How your Interest Rate is determine:- Everybody doesn\'t get the same interest rate from a mortgage lender. If you are a member of a Credit Union,your Credit Union will give you a rate that is better than a Bank or Mortgage Company rate. When you apply to a lender for a mortgage, the interest rate or APR you will be qualify for is dependent on the size of the risk involved. It is a Combination of SEVEN risk factors:-

#a)Your Income

#b)Your Credit Score/History.

#c)The amount of money you put for downpayment.

#d)The repayment terms you choose/select.

#e)Your Debt-to-Income ratio.

#f)The Property location.

#g)The ratio of the mortgage/loan to the value of the property (LTV).

**#11). Fixed Interest Rate V\'s Variable Interest Rate:- Try to get a Fixed Interest Rate with NO  Pre-payment penalty (Your Real Estate Attorney will advise you accordingly). The monthly mortgage payment is more predictable; and later on you can refinance the mortgage and replace it with a new mortgage that has a Lower Interest Rate without you paying a Penalty for giving up the first mortgage.

**#12). Get your own Real Estate Attorney:- Buying your first home is SERIOUS business and you are relatively new in this business. You are buying a house "AS IS". Therefore, get your own Real Estate Attorney to watch your back, even if the Mortgage Company tells you they will provide a FREE Attorney for you. NOTHING in Real Estate is for FREE. I have watched people hold their heads and bawl/weep/cry. They have learned that lesson the HARD WAY; so don\'t fall for that gimmickery. Be smart! Don\'t play "Penny Wise and Pound Foolish."


Professional Tax Preparation for Owners and Investors.

We keep up-to-date with current developments in Real-Estate. Barry\'s Accounting Services, Corp., is a Household name in the Real-Estate Industry. We have a proven track record in this industry and with the IRS and States. We prepare Single-state and Multi-state tax returns for property they own in their State and in other States (NY, NJ, CT, PA, DE, GA, FL, CA, AZ, and NV). They have been our clients for 2 to 25 years. We obtain them from Direct Mailing from our exclusive database of Real-Estate Owners, and Property Managers/Agents. Some of them come to the OFFICE, some of them FAX their documents to us. Most of them send us their documents by UPS, DHL, FedX and the Post Office.

"We are laser-focus and tenacious. With us in your corner, you will be empowered to make great business decision. You will always have a knowledgeable and valuable resource to turn to for practical and profitable business and financial advice in your industry and in other industries. Written testimonials we obtained during our annual clients surveys are overwhelmingly impressive".

My best selling book, "Sweet Success", by Clemson Barry is on Amazon.


Lets get to the specifics!!

We know your industry ("Industry-specific" knowledge); and we are aware that a high or low tax bracket can affect your tax liability. Your tax returns will be completed Quickly, Efficiently, and Accurately. We will use EVERY regulatory tax loophole, credit, deduction, and exclusion in the new tax laws to reduce or eliminate your tax  liability and put a BIG smile on your face. You have a lot of work to get done. Let\'s start today!!!


Samples of Tax Breaks

Real Estate tax breaks are too numerous to fully discuss here. Her are a few samples:-

#1)First-Time Home Buyers can make early withdraw of up to $10,000 from their TRADITIONAL IRA to make a down payment, or pay the closing cost without incurring a 10% penalty for early withdrawal (example:-If you withdraw $100,000, you will pay a 10% penalty of $9,000 on $90,000).

#2)If you RENT your Private Residence or Vacation Home to a Tenant or a Film/Movie Company for less than 14-days during the year, the rental income you received is NOT taxable (Tax Exempt) - IRC-280A(g).

#3)If you install a Solar Electric/Energy System in your home, you will received a ONE-TIME Federal "Residential Energy Credit" of 26%; and up to $5,000 Energy Tax Credit from NY State. (Example:- If the system cost you $30,000, you will get a FederalTax Credit of $7,800 and NY State Tax Credit of $5,000 on your tax return). Bring/send us the documents you signed with the contractor/company to substantiale your claim/purchase.

#4)If your use Home Heating Oil in your boiler or heating system, you can claim the NY State "Clean Heating Fuel Credit" of up to $0.20 per gallon. (Example:- 1,800 gals per year @ $0.20 = $$360 tax credit).

#5)You can LEGALLY avoid paying NY State Sales tax on home improvement items (Capital Improvement) that you plan to install in your home(Boiler, Windows & Doors, Central Air Condition, New Roof, etc). Ask the Contractor for a "Certificate of Capital Improvement" form. Fill out the form and sign it to waive the sales tax (example, a new boiler for $7,500 x 8.875% sales tax equals $665.63 you can keep in your pocket. It\'s perfectly legal).

#6)OPERATING EXPENSES:-You are qualified to deduct Annual Operating Expenses for each rental property you own; and you may qualify to deduct a maximum total of up to $25,000 of Operating Loss. Excess loss is carried over to the next tax year.

#7)NATURAL DISASTER:- You are qualified for a tax deduction if your property (house, vehicles, and business) was affected, damaged or destroyed by a Natural Disaster.(Fire, Flood, Hurricane, Earthquake, Volcano,Tornado). This includes property that was damaged or destroyed in federal declared disaster areas, as was experienced by some of our clients in the aftermath of hurricanes:-Ida in 2021; Harvey in 2017; Sandy in 2012; Ike in 2008; Katrina 2005; Andrew in 1992; and forest/wild fires and earthquake on the West Coast. Disaster Relief Payments that you received from ALL sources (Your Insurance, FEMA, etc. are tax exempt - IRC 139). We need the reports that you received from your Insurance Company Adjuster and FEMA to prepare your Federal & State tax retruns.

#8)PROPERTY SALE:- If you Sell your Residence or Rental property, we will save you thousands of dollars in Capital Gains Tax. Bring us the documents that you received at the closing when you purchased the property and when you sell the property.

#9)PROPERTY  EXCHANGE:- "Like-kind Exchange" is exchanging your property for another property that has similar characteristics and value. If you no longer like your property, you can exchange it with the owner of a similar property. Example:- a 2-family rental exchange for another 2-family rental; or a 3-family rental exchange for another 3-family rental, etc. Meet with the owner of the property that you want to receive in the exchange. Have both Attorneys close the deal; and give us the documents to support your claim and report the transaction to the IRS & State.

#10) MORTGAGE  Non-COMPLIANCE  ISSUE:- You MAY be able to postpone paying income tax If your property was on a Forbearance plan and you have successfully completed a Mortgage Modification; or you Loss or "Disposed offyour property in Bankruptcy or Foreclosure (Repossession). Give us the documents to support your claim. Our methodology/strategies are very effective; and we put our Commitment and Reputation behind them. Let\'s start today!! 


Who are the Owners & Investors:

1)Investors/"Flippers"(Buy, Fix, and Sell within 12 months)

2) Residential Owners (1 to 4 family house; Vacation homes; Condos., Co-ops., Airbnb(ABNB); and Time Shares). 

3) Mixed-use or Commercial owners (Apartments Upstairs and Store Fronts Downstairs; Apartment buildings with or without laundry room; Shopping Centers/Malls).

4) Home Builders and Land developers.


What we want from Owners & Investors

1) Your Cell Phone number and E-mail address for quick communication.

2) A paper copy of the last tax return you filed if you are a new client.

3) Paper copy of your Forms W2 wages; and Forms 1099 for Interest and Dividends from your Bank and Brokerage Company.

4) Forms W-2G winnings from casino, State Lottery, Horse race, etc. 

5) A list of your job related expenses.

6) If you own a Private Home, Vacation Home or Time Share, we need the Mortgage Interest; Real Eatate Tax; School Tax; Town Tax; Community Tax; VillageTax; Sales Tax you paid for Boat and Automobiles; and Home Owners Association(HOA) fee, you paid on each property during the year. 

7) If you own a Condo or Co-op., we need the Mortgage Interest and Real-Estate Tax you paid your Bank; PLUS the Letter/Statement and/or Form 1098 you received from your Condo Board, or Co-op Association that shows the number of shares you own in the Co-op, your per share of Real Estate Tax and Mortgage Interest that you paid in maintenance fees during the year(IRC Section 216).

8)For each Rental Property you own, we need the Rent you collect from each property(Rent from Tenants and the City/State); PLUS an Analysis of Expenses you paid to operate/maintain each property during the year. 

9) If you sell a Residential or Rental Property, for each property you sold, we need the Closing Documents that you received from your Attorney when you bought the property and the Closing Documents that you received when you sold the property.

10) A copy of your Driver\'s license or State ID; AND a copy of your spouse Drivers License or State ID.(Starting in 2016, the IRS required the information be included on ALL tax returns to help combat Identity theft).-IRS (800) 829-1040 from 7am Eastern Standard Time (EST).

11)Give us those letters you received from the IRS and States, including the letter you received from the IRS with the IP PIN number that was assigned to you to put on your tax return(Identity Protection Personal Identification Number).

12) Social Security card and Birth Certificate for each dependent you are claiming; and the information from the Day Care Center or Baby-sitter you paid.

13) Your Credit Card or Bank Account Information to pay for the service.


Real-Estate Related Education and Training.

*MS Taxation; and IRS Enrolled Agent - (1989 to present).

*IRS 48 hours of Mandatory Annual Continuing Education.

*Licensed Insurance Broker - (Property & Casualty).

*Real-Estate Salesperson and Broker certificates - (Pohs Institute, N.Y).

*Real-Estate Employment - (Century-21, Greenfield).

*Real-Estate Annual Continuing Education - (NYU and Pohs Institute).

*Mortgage Underwriting & Banking Certificates - (Mortgage Bankers Association of America).



"I sold my 16-family building in June 2021 and my Attorney told me I would have to pay Capital Gains Tax to the IRS & NY State. I was shopping around for a capable person to help me and I contacted Barry. I was impressed with his experience and the proofs he showed me. I also talked to 3 of his clients who have been in a similar situation like myself. I finally said, let\'s do it!! The result was just like we discussed and I paid the fee from the money he saved me".-Dimitri, E. (Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY)

"In February 2021, I sold my Rental Property for $1.8mil. I bought it 20 years ago for $450,000. Clem saved me $175,000 in capital gains tax. I am delighted. This was more than I expected. I wanted result and I was ready to pay a portion of the savings for it. Thanks Clem!!"-Slavika, J. (Kings Highway, Brooklyn, NY).

"Mr. Barry, thanks for overseeing the operations and maintenance of my buildings in Brooklyn, and filing my tax returns on time. Great job!!" - K. Szablewski (Gdansk, Poland).

"I was getting ready to retire and relocate to another state. In 2020, I sold both my Private Residence and Rental Property; and I bought a Private Residence in another state in 2020. Those transactions took a toll on my energy and my focus. Clem was able to help me analyze each transaction, prepare my tax returns and save me over $150K in taxes. His fee came from the savings he provided for me, and it was far less than what I paid those Realtors. "- Marissa, W. (Hempstead, NY). 

"Your article on Real Estate Taxation is excellent. I have read bits and pieces of the subject in magazines, brochures, and handouts at seminars, but this is the most comprehensive article I have read on the subject. The answers you gave were well researched." -Jan Davidson, General Contractor (Beverly Hills, CA).

"I used to live in New York and travel to my clients in New Jersey and Connecticut. I rented out my residence in New York and relocated to another residence I had in Georgia. I sold my residence in Georgia and relocated to California. Finally, I sold my residence in New York. Barry\'s tax planning advice saved me $18,000 in prepayment penalties, $30,000 in seller\'s concessions, and $69,860 in capital gains tax. Barry has been preparing my tax returns and advising me for 20 years. I could not have chosen a better person to look after my interests."  - Sylvia Fortune, District Sales Manager (Los Angeles, California).

"We \'flip\' property (real estate) for a living in NY, PA, FL and GA. The mistake we made was reporting income from the sale of those properties as capital gains. Barry amended those tax returns and got us back thousands of dollars in tax refunds. He has been our tax advisor for several years."  - Eva and Allan Hopkin, Real Estate Investors, (Laurelton, New York).


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