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Real Estate Taxation & Property Insurance

Ask the expert

The information on this page and on the "Real Estate Tax Deduction" page attached would answer ALL your questions in 5 minutes. Call us if you are convinced that we are the right fit for your specific need.


Who are our clients

We prepare multi-state tax returns for real estate clients that have property in NY, NJ, CT, PA, DE, GA, FL, CA, AZ, OH, and NV. They have been our clients for 2 to 22 years. They send us their information by Fax, UPS, FedEx, and Post Office. They are:- Individuals, Partnerships, Corporations & LLC:

1) Investors or 'Flippers' (buy, fix, and sell quickly)

2) Residential owners (single family & vacation homes, condos, co-ops, apartment buildings)

3) Mixed-use owners (residence plus store fronts)

4) Commercial owners (store fronts/shopping centers)

5) Land developers


What we want from you

1) Your Cell Phone number and E-mail address for quick communication

2) A paper copy of the last tax return you filed

3) Paper copy of your Forms W2 and 1099

4) Your job related expenses

5) Real estate gross income and expenses for each property

6) A copy of your Driver's license or State ID. (Starting in 2016, the IRS required the information be included on ALL tax returns)

7) Your Credit Card or bank Information to pay for the service



  • MS Taxation
  • IRS Enrolled Agent (1989 to present)
  • Licensed Insurance Broker (property & casualty)

Continuing Education

  • R.E. Salesperson and R.E. Broker Certificates

The result would make you want to shout from the rooftop; but don't do that. Instead, send us your testimonial. I can't wait to hear from you.



"I used to live in New York and travel to my clients in New Jersey and Connecticut. I rented out my residence in New York and relocated to another residence I had in Georgia. I sold my residence in Georgia and relocated to California. Finally, I sold my residence in New York. Barry's tax planning advice saved me $18,000 in prepayment penalties, $30,000 in seller's concessions, and $5,900 in taxes. Barry has been preparing my tax returns and advising me for 20 years. I could not have chosen a better person to look after my interests."
           - Sylvia Fortune, District Sales Manager, Los Angeles, California

"We 'flip' real estate for a living in NY, PA, FL and GA. The mistake we made was reporting income from the sale of those properties as capital gains. Barry amended those tax returns and got us back thousands of dollars in tax refunds. He has been our tax advisor for several years."
           - Eva & Allan Hopkin, Real Estate Investors, Laurelton, New York

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