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Enrolled Agents

I am an IRS Enrolled Agent. I also have a Masters degree in taxation. Enrolled Agents are governed under IRS circular 230, the same rules as CPAs and Attorneys practicing Taxation.

Enrolled Agents can practice in all 50 States because we have a Federal License. Enrolled Agents, including myself, have won numerous tax cases for our clients. Enrolled Agents are highly respected by the IRS because we are the only group of Tax Practitioners to have taken and passed the IRS examination, ongoing Background Investigation and other Stringent Requirements.

Every year (mandatory) an Enrolled Agent is required to earn 24 hours of Continuing Education Credit in Taxation, File and Pay his/her Income Tax on time, and adhere to IRS Practice and Procedure. Complaints issued by the IRS for unsatisfactory performance must be resolved promptly and to the satisfaction of the IRS before the IRS will renew the Enrolled Agent's license.

After we have passed the IRS examinations and become Enrolled Agents, most of us have taken Specialized Training in Taxation and Representation from the National Tax Practice Institute (NTPI). NTPI is the best in the world. It rivals the Chartered Institute of Taxation in England. Mere attendance alone is considered by many professionals as a lifetime achievement award.

Taxation is a respected and very rewarding profession for millions of Tax Practitioners, Tax Franchisors and Accounting Firms in the USA and around the world. In the UK, the Chartered Institute of Taxation confers the designation, Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA) upon qualified tax practitioners. Here, in the USA, the Internal Revenue Service confers the designation, Enrolled Agent (EA) upon qualified tax practitioners. There are Barristers-at-law (LLB) and Chartered Accountants (ACCA & CA) in the UK and Canada who have restricted their practice to Taxation. Here in the USA, there are Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and Tax Attorneys (LLM) who earn most of their income from Practicing Taxation.

Taxation is a complex profession because practitioners are required to acquire expertise in various academic disciplines and knowledge about other industries and professions. Taxation is also a demanding profession because Tax Laws are subject to change several times per month and keeping up to date alone does consume most of the time a Tax Practitioner has at his/her disposal. We have to keep current on the issues because our intelligent, ambitious, and wealthy clients need accurate answers fast so they can set their goals and make their decisions. Wrong answers can cost them thousands, if not millions, of dollars in back taxes, interests, and penalties.

The revenue that Governments have generated from Taxation are obtained from several sources. Therefore, it would be difficult for these governments to achieve their financial goals and ensure voluntary compliance among taxpayers without the help from Tax Practitioners. These are the facts. I hope I have enlightened you. For details, call the IRS office in your state; the National Association of Enrolled Agents NAEA) at (202) 822- 6232; or the National Association of Tax Professionals(NATP) at (920) 749-1040.

Clem. Barry