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Barry\'s Accounting Services, Corp.
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Client Update - quarterly newsletter


Financial Planning & Wealth Management

Financial Planning & Wealth Management My name is Clem Barry. I am a Tax Resolution Specialist and a Financial Planner. I have been practicing this profession for many years. I have saved my Clients $450 million in taxes.


#1) Financial planning and wealth management are about helping clients improve their disposable income and assets value using appropriate asset allocation strategies in conjunction with the clients\' goals and risk tolerance.


#2) Financial Planning & Wealth Management are keys for achieving Financial Security, Peace-of mind, and the flexibility you will have with your time to make decisions that fit your lifestyle.


I would like to ask you three questions.

1) Do you know precisely what investments are in your portfolio?
2) Do you understand and frequently scrutinize your monthly investment statements?
3) Are your investments earning the return that you were promised? 

If you answered "no" to any of the questions above, you may need to pay closer attention to them. I can provide you with a holistic review of your financial situation, including a comprehensive review of your brokerage accounts.


Question:- "I was defrauded in a Ponzi Scheme. I gave a Broker $20,000 to invest in stocks and I loss everything. Can I claim this loss on my tax return?

Answer:- You may be qualified to receive a tax deduction if you are a victim in a ponzi scheme, whereby your stock broker had defrauded you and others, and the crime and financial losses are documented by an Attorney in a Class Action Lawsuit against the Broker; and you have a LETTER from the Attorney, the SIPC or SEC. Bring us the letter and other proof of loss.


Personalized Service

Simplify your Financial Affairs which may include a hodgepodge of brokerage accounts, and help you avoid highly speculative/opaque investments, where the risk cannot be genuinely assessed.
Financial Planning, Tax Planning, Investment Planning and Insurance.
Business and Individual Tax Preparation, including Foreign Bank Accounts(FBAR\'s), and other asset transations in accordance with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and FinCEN. 
Real-Estate Advisor, Starting a Business; or Buying a Franchise.



*"We had a variety of people looking at our financial situation and advising us, but we retained Barry to handle our financial affairs because we were impressed with the tax tips that saved us from paying a huge tax bill."- Sarah & Paul Lyons, NY

*"We were making minimum monthly payments of $2,500 on high-interest consumer loans and we could not get a tax break on the interest. We wanted to file bankruptcy, but the new rules were too stringent and we didn\'t want to ruin our credit. Barry helped us reduce our monthly payment to $900. The best part is the peace of mind we are enjoying. Our payments are covered for one year if one of us is unemployed. We are saving $19,000 annually plus the tax write-off on the interest payment. Thanks, Barry.-Jerome & Angie Mattias, Brooklyn, New York

*"I used to live in New York and commute to work in New Jersey and Connecticut. I rented out my residence in New York and relocated to another residence I had in Georgia. I sold my residence in Georgia and relocated to California. I finally sold my residence in New York. Barry\'s tax and retirement planning advice saved me $18,000 in prepayment penalties, $30,000 in seller\'s concessions, and $5,900 in taxes. Barry has been preparing my tax returns and advising me for 20 years. I could not have chosen a better person to look after my interests."
           - Sylvia Fortune, District Sales Manager, Los Angeles, California


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