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Starting a Business - Barry\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Accounting Services, Brooklyn, NY "We empower ambition. Pick a niche and make it BIG (Optimistic / Courageous / Resilient / Ingenuity / Results / Prosperity / Upward Mobility)!".

#1)You dont have to work in a job that you hate when you turn your ambition into action. You can take your brilliant idea and start your own business and make it profitable; and become financially independent like many people have done and have become.

#2)Building a passive income base is no longer a luxury. It is a necessity in this constantly changing world economies; and across-the-board cuts/layoffs in the job markets.

ALMOST every BIG company that exists today started SMALL ("As a hustle") by ONE PERSON with a Brilliant Idea, A handful/fistful of Cash, Strong work ethics; and a lot of Passion, Courage, and determination/Perseverance (Dell, KFC, Microsoft, Starbucks, Walmart, McDonalds, Wendys, Hilton hotel, Mary Kay Cosmetics, etc.). My clients have done that and they have become millionaires. How they were able to become financially successful have bedazzled some business professors and business start-up gurus; so keep on reading.

You can read my best selling book:- "Sweet Success(knowledge & quick-skills in 30 minutes") by Clemson Barry FREE on Amazon(Paper back, Kindle, IPhone). It is a BEST SELLER in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Data from several states in the USA and EU member states have shown that new businesses have been launched during Economic Recessions, Economic Recoveries, and Economic Booms; and new millionaires have been created during those times. During the world-wide economic recession in 2007-2009, over 30,000 new businesses thrived in New York. During COVID-19 crisis in 2020, new business applications in New York have increased by 45% and some new businesses have opened second locations. The result is quite similar in many States in the USA. In the EU, New SME represents 25 percent of the businesses that are thriving during this crisis.

Why do some people start their own business? Survey says:-


They felt it was time to pursue their life-long passion, doing work that is more fulfilling and aligned with their values, while experiencing deep satisfaction from within themselves; so they started or purchased a business and ventured out on their own and become financially successful and happy.

2) They had found a niche and started a hobby to supplement their income. Their customers were happy with their product/service and their businesses became too busy for them to hold on to their present jobs; so they told their bosses:- "Get loss, I am out off here!!". Today, they have all kinds of money; and they are living large.
3) Some of them felt they had sufficient business experience and an obligation to expand their family wealth/net worth; so they quit their job, take over their family business, and expand the business operation/location.
4) Some of them were lay-off (their position was terminated/redundant) and they couldnt find another suitable job no matter how hard they tried; so they started their own business and never regreted.

How did new entrepreneurs raised money to start their own business? survey says:-

1) They borrowed from their savings, loan from parents, severance pay, pension, inheritance, home equity, credit cards, and the cash value from their whole life insurance policies.

They sold and pawned some of their assets or prized possessions.

3) They worked from home as independent contractors, bid for outsourced work from their former employers; and they reinvest the revenue to expand their business.
4) They formed partnerships and joint ventures with people in their industry who were willing to take the risk with them.
5) They had a  and/or a Go-Fund-Me campaign on-line before the business started. Hence, those kickstarters have become their first customers. They also sold part of the business to investors/venture capitalists.

***NOTE:-If you are Starting a New Business, or Operating a Small Business, log on to (SBA.Gov/Start) for your Small Business Needs. Afterwards, contact Top SBA;;;;;;;;;;;;

How did new entrepreneurs obtain customers? Survey says they use some of the following:- They knew their target audience and they knocked on doors and personally gave flyers to people in their community and churchs; They use Social Media Marketing; Local Newspapers AD; Radio AD; Telephone Book Yellow Pages AD; Local Television AD; Direct Mailing Lists; Rent booths at several Trade Shows; Advertise during major events/festivals/celebrations; Referrals; etc.

Everybody has a Brilliant Idea. What we care about is EXECUTION:-Their ability to convert their Brilliant Idea into a Profitable and Sustainable business and take Control of their own Destiny(Upward Mobility). Hear it from entrepreneurs who have overcome obstacles and had the courage, foresight, and discipline to execute their plan and make it BIG :-

#1)"I was happy with my job and the steady pay cheques I was getting. I didnt want to take the risk of starting a business and leaving my job. I was fearful of the unknown earnings potential and survival of a new business. Boy, was I wrong. My wife and I have been unemployed for several months and we could not find a job no matter how hard we tried; and the bills kept piling up. We attended an on-line business presentation, and we used our credit cards to set-up an on-line business from home. We are following a blueprint with help from an advisor/mentor who was assigned to us. Revenue for the first year is 325,500 pounds. We are projecting revenue of 500,000 pounds in the second year".-W. Foley (London, UK).

#2)"I resigned from my job because I was tired with the corporate politics. I used my savings and severance pay to start and grow my business. Starting my company and having my clothing line prominently displayed in stores in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Paris, and Milan is a dream come true. COVID-19 didnt hurt my business badly because I operated agressively on-line. Gross sales dropped slightly from $3.5 million to $3.12 million ($380,000 less).The economy is on the upswing and I am swamped with an influx of repeat orders in addition to new purchase-orders from trade shows I had attended in previous years. I am focus on pushing my best selling products. I have developed a new system that fits the new economic activities and my short-term sales projection is $4million. I am happy and healthy. My pension plan is doing great; and I feel financially secure with the cash reserves that I have invested wisely.

I could remember my Grandma saying to me:- "Get smart, Girl. Get your own. It doesnt matter how small it is. Other people thing doesnt belong to you, no matter what they promised you. Clever people will promise you the moon although they know they cant deliver the moon to you. Rise above those tomfoolery/gimmickry and you will do great on your own". Sonia, New York.

#3)"Why is everybody so critical and negative when someone quits a full-time job to start their own business? I could get fired from my job anytime, so why should I continue to build somebody elses business, and help them secure their future, when I can start and build my own? I have seen what had happened to other people. When I started my business, my friends thought I was insane to quit working for a big company and struggle with a little business. They stayed away from me because my little business was struggling for quite a while. My best friends were the biggest hypocrites and back stabbers. Fast-forward to 2020 and COVID-19, my business gross $1.6million, an increase of $225,540. The appraisal value is $4.8 million ($1.6mil. x 3). My little business has make me a multi-millionaire and I am very excited about that. This is just the beginning. My hypocrite friends lost their jobs with the big companies; and they want to jump on my bandwagon. I told them to get lost. I am happy in my little business. It had never deceived me, betrayed me, abandoned me, and stabbed me in the back. America and many countries were built on small businesses. Without small businesses many cities, communities, and towns will become Ghost Towns and Cesspools for crimes(Economic/Moral/Societal Decay). Small businesses are the backbone for economic development and prosperity. Check the SBA statistics in any progressive state. Also, take a look at the dismal economic conditions of cities and communities, in countries that show scant regards/appreciation for small business and ignored giving incentives to people to start small businesses. Lessons learned!!"Jane, New York.

#4)"I was tired of living in the shadow of my bosses. I was doing the work and they were getting the credit and the big bonuses. I quit my job and used my savings and gifts from my family to started my business in the same industry as my former employer. I am finally getting the recognition and compensation that I deserve. In 2020, and during the period of COVID-19 my business gross $1.8million. I get to keep a net profit of $442,700 after tax. That is a far cry from my gross salary of $120,000 from my former employer. My Pension, investments, and other benefits that I set up for myself are doing great. I am watching over them like a hawk. Sometimes, you have to do whatever it takes to get whatever you want; or you can stick around and get bamboozled with great promisses while they are slowly pushing you out. I understand psychology".Anna, Los Angeles, CA.

#5)"I sold my company for $5 million. I stayed on as the CEO and the Chief Operating Officer to accelerate the transformation and growth of the company, and to enhance efficiencies as it satisfies pent-up demand. I am receiving a salary, bonus and medical. I am a prudent and calculated risk taker so I have invested $3 million at a modest/conservative fix interest rate. My annual return on that investment is $165,000. I am earning this return without doing any work, and when I am asleep. My advice to everybody who wants to start and build a profitable business is to stop dreaming. Dont waite until your back is against the wall. Take action now. Take the risk, stay focus, do whatever comes naturally and sensible, seek professional help or outsource some services so that you dont have to overwork, manage your business expenses and your lifestyle prudently; and you will become very successful overtime (NOT overnight). Fortune favors the bold and the brave".Jonathan, Los Angeles.

#6)"I used my savings and I pawned my jewelry to start my business. I have paid back the pawn shop and got back my jewelry.  My business has provided me with a great lifestyle, investments, and recognition that some people could only dream about. I am happy I didnt listen to those naysayers. Many of them are broke today."Dan, New York.

#7)"Wow! what a struggle I have been through. I lost my job, and my severance pay and unemployment ran out. I had no medical insurnce. I got my lights turned off and my house went into foreclosure. I cash-out my pension and rented a small room for $175/wk while I hustled selling my product online and get it on store shelves. Thanks to the side hustle/business I started when I had a full-time job. It was just a hobby. Last year it is grossing $500,000. I am comfortable with the influx of repeat orders and new orders I am receiving from my branding exercise and distribution networks. My realistic projection for this year is $1.2 million. I have savings, medical & dental insurance, and a 401-K. I moved into a nice apartment, and I plan to buy a house soon and invest my cash reserves wisely".-Gloria, Seattle, WA. 

**IMPORTANT:- I LOVE them! They are Mission-driven and Lazer focus. They got "Fire in the belly" and nothing will stop them from accomplishing their goals (Upward Mobility). They have been through a lot and they have accomplished a lot; so I give them a platform to blow-off some steam. They are great human beings. They remind me about myself walking down those same roads they are travelling.-Clem Barry.


Question:- "Brilliant ideas have built great companies; so why its not always given priority when someone is starting a new business?"

Answer:- Lets keep it real. Everybody has a brilliant idea. Crooks have brilliant ideas too. Banks and Investors dont know if an applicant is a scammer or if s/he will be able to turn a brilliant idea into a new and profitable business. That is high risk without a shred of tangible evidence that a new business will be able to command a strong demand(customer base) and survive for many years after it is launched. Therefore, banks will only invest their customers money after you have invested your money and your new business is producing a steady flow/stream of revenue for at least 1 to 3 years. That is called the Proof of Concept. That is how they know your brilliant idea is not a fluke, a pipe dream, wishful thinking, or a figment of your imagination.

Question: "My business did not have income during the year it opened/started, but I paid for renovation, rent, electricity, telephone, and advertising. Could I deduct those expenses if the business did not generate income?"

Answer: You should plan to deduct those expenses as Start-up costs under section 195, in the year the business generates income. On January 25, 2021 the Tax Court agreed with the IRS that expenses a business owner incurred was not deductible under section 162 because the business didnt generate income. The Tax Court thus denied deductions for the costs associated with this inactive business.(Jan. 25, 2021, William Bruce Costello and Martiza Legarcie V, Commissioner, T.C. Memo. 2021-9, Judge Halpern).


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