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Client Update - quarterly newsletter


Medical Clients Services

(Plus tax deduction information)

The information on this page and on the "tax deduction information" page attached would answer ALL your questions in 5 minutes. Call us if you are convinced that we are the right fit for your specific need; and you are ready to do business with us.


Who are our clients

We prepare tax returns for 315 clients in the medical profession in, NY, NJ, CT, PA, GA, FL, CA, OH, and NV. They have been our clients for 3 to 22 years. Most of them send us their information by Fax, UPS, FedEx, and Post Office. They are:

  • Dentists & Medical Doctors
  • RN & CRNA (Travelling/Community)
  • Per Diem Nurses
  • Restorative therapists (Occupational Therapy Aides)
  • Adult Family Care Homes (Assisted Living)
  • State-licensed Marijuana Dispensaries


Tax preparation service (Multi-state)

  • Individuals
  • Corporation & LLC
  • Independent Contractors
  • IRS & State tax resolution


How we obtain clients

  • Visiting Nurses of New York
  • The internet search engines
  • Medical staffing networks
  • Cross Country Staffing
  • All Medical Personnel
  • Trade shows (California cannabis country fair, etc.)


What we want from you

1) Your Cell Phone number and E-mail address for quick communication

2) A paper copy of the last tax return you filed

3) Paper-Copy of your Forms W2 and 1099

4) Your job related expenses

5) Your business gross income and expenses

6) A copy of your Driver's license or State ID. (Starting in 2016, the IRS required the information be included on ALL tax returns)

7) Your Credit Card Information to pay for the service



  • MS Taxation
  • IRS Enrolled Agent (1989 to present)
  • Insurance Broker (property & casualty)
  • AAPC & AHIMA annual continuing education



"I dread going to a tax office during tax season. Barry told me what to send and I mailed him the information. In a couple of weeks I received my refunds, a copy of my tax return, the documents I sent him, and a gift. That was Amazing!"
           - Anette, P. (Ventura, CA.)


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