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About the Consultant/Coach & Speaker

Clemson (Clem) Barry, Barry's Accounting Services Corporation


Keynote Speakers and Speeches 

for your Special Events.


         "Pick a Niche and make it BIG"


"Motivate and Retain the Superstar Talent in your"


We empower ambition and we are super excited about that. Special-Event Planners, this is your chance to give your group/members a memorable event; so, book in advance. Call or send us an e-mail with a simple request and your phone number. We offer:-

*Printed handout and gifts for all attendees.

*Cash prizes for randomly selected attendees.

*FREE Coaching for randomly selected attendees.

*Guest/Featured speakers from several industries are available to exceed your expectations).


Clem Barry is one of the few people who can say he is a serial Entrepreneur and Business Coach/Consultant and mean it. His consulting Firm, Barry's Accounting Services Corporation, was built from the ground up on a shoestring budget. He has extensive experience in domestic and international business operation; and hands-on experience in several industries. 

His firm is presently engaged with clients who are operating in the following industries:- Medical, Transportation, Real Estate, and Entertainment, in 13 states in the USA and 5 foreign countries.

His new book, a combination of book-workbook and e-book ("Sweet Success" by Clemson Barry) is a best seller.It is on Amazon and in bookstores in the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia.

As a businessman and keynote speaker at special events, he has spoken in front of many groups, including the Annual convention attended by over 400 Enrolled Agents, CPA and Attorneys at the Embassy Suites Hotel, Denver, Colorado, in 2005.

The factual and practical contents of his speeches often resonate/augur well with the audience's experiences as he bridges the gaps with real life experiences, and extensive and diverse business experiences; and updated knowledge and unique insights to help them think outside the box and move forward to reach their goals and desired results. He has been down the road they are travelling, so they often see him as part of themselves.

The delivery is simple, practical, straight-forward, engaging, effective, and sometimes humorous and hilarious. Everything is designed to challenge and stimulate the audience's thinking, and motivate them to take action NOW; and  transform their lives and fulfill their true potential and purpose; or improve their business results quickly/immediately. He is always available to answer follow-up questions and provide PRACTICAL solutions.

NOTE:- It is wise to book early. Slots for the months of January to April 15 are always fully booked, and sometimes overbooked with engagements from his taxation and business clients.


TWO Keynote Speech Headlines

#1) "Pick a Niche and make it BIG"

Topics for Business groups - (1 hour).

  • Package contents:- (Leadership, Employee Motivation & Peak Performance, Entrepreneurship, Real Estate, Trucking, Skills Trade Industry, Buying a Business or Franchise, Taxation (Domestic & International), Branding, Strategic Planning, Strategy & Execution, Success & Wealth, Financial Management, and Crisis Management).
#2) "Motivate and Retain the Superstar Talent in You".

Topics for Students and Disadvantage youths -  (1 hour).

  • Package contents:- Goals/Dreams (vision of success and a desired future), Aptitude & Interest, Strengths & Weaknesses, Planning & Implementation, Attitude & Self-esteem, Discipline & Work Ethics, Transitioning into the business/workplace culture, Cultural sensitivity, Decision making, Time Management, Strategic Planning, Financial Planning, Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Money Management).


Booking Information Required From Special Event Planner

#1)Are you the Event Planner? _________

#2)Your Name & Phone  _______________________________________

#3) Who are the attendees?____________________________________

#4) How many people will attend the event? _____________

#5) When will this event occur? (Day, Month, Year and Time)_____________


#6) Where will this event be held? (Country, Province/State, City) _________________________________________________________________

#7) Have you already booked and secured the space/venue and have written permission to use it?_________________

#8) Will/Would you provide security for this event?_______________



Education Certificates & Degrees:

*NYU, Columbia, Taft,  & USC (USA).

*Cambridge and London (UK).

Clem Barry is a strong believer in continuing education. He has attended many workshops, seminars, and conferences including those held by the European Union, The World Bank, Accountants World, American Trucking Association, The National Tax Practice Institute, The Merchant Marine Institute, Crain's NY., California Bar Association, Warren Buffett, Carlton Sheets, Russ Whitney, Caribbean Entrepreneurship forums, etc., etc...... Rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous is not new to him although he has chosen to keep a low profile and live a simple lifestyle.


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