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Client Update - quarterly newsletter

Entertainment Tax Accountant, Financial Advisor, Business Manager - Barrys  Accounting Services - Brooklyn, NY

We are Tax-Accountants, Business Advisors, PR Experts, and 

Brand Managers, for Touring and In-residence Artists and DJs.

Entertainment/Performance Industry



Thanks for logging-on to this webpage. We understand your need for  RELIABLE and DETAIL information that are unique to your musical career. We are READY to work with you, if Exceptional Results, Tangible Benefits, and Peace-of-mine are Important to you.

We are LAZER-FOCUS and RESULT-ORIENTED with a Client-Centric Approach. We plan our Clients "SPECIAL  PROJECTS"; and we are proficient at managing their expectations. We have the EXPERTISE ("Industry-Specific Knowledge"), SHARED-PASSION, CLEAR VISION, MASSIVE NETWORK SYNERGIES, STRONG WORK ETHICS, EFFICIENCY, and the UNWAVERING COMMITMENT they need to accomplish their goal/mission. We have helped them overcome Financial and Economic challenges/hurdles and saved them U.S. $450 million in discretionary expenses/spending and taxes in the USA and Overseas.

We Need from you, TWO items UP-FRONT

#1) A copy of the CONTRACT you signed.

#2) A copy of your tour ITINERARY.

You will get from us, an ENGAGEMENT LETTER (Written Agreement) that CLEARLY states EVERYTHING that YOU and US agreed upon. BOTH, YOU and US, will give a COPY of this  Agreement to OUR respective Attorneys / Lawyers. You will also give a copy of this agreement to your Business Manager, Tour Manager, and Booking Agency; so that EVERYBODY is READING  from the SAME PAGE(Ethical Standards and Accountability). "That is How We ROLL!!". Time Management is VERY important to us. CONTACT us by phone or e-mail when you are READY to do BUSINESS with us.

We are Entertainment Tax-Accountants, Business Advisors, PR Experts, and Brand Managers, for Touring and In-Residence Artists and DJs:-

"They are On-A-ROLL!!". "They are ON-FIRE!!". Their SOLD-OUT shows are breaking attendance record and boosting Economic activities(GDP) in EVERY city. We have/got their backs; and we are going HARD for them. You can see those BIG SMILES on their faces. We help them make their tour a MEMORABLE event with an ENDEARING story to tell. Oh, yeah!!!!!!!!

This website has a readership of over 1,020,000. Some of them are Clients, Some of them are Paid Subscribers, and Some of them are Searching for the right Entertainment Business Advisor, PR Expert, Brand Manager, and Taxation SpecialistThey LOVE how we are keeping it REAL with them, "BIG TIME!!". Is being Authentic a good thing? Hell, Yeah!!!!!!!

 We COMBINE / MERGE our Expertise in Business, Taxation, Acounting, and Marketing with our Training, Education, Industry-Specific Knowledge, and Experiences in this industry: - (A rarity in the Entertainment Accounting Profession).

We have done work for some of the big names in the Entertainment Industry (Music, Fashion, Sports, Films, and Hospitality/Culinary). We work/operate from the Business, Public Relations, and Brand Management Sides of this Industry (Effective Communication, Business Planning & Execution; Financial Management; USA and Foreign Tax Compliance issues(IRS and IRD); Purchase & Sale of Investments; Investments Diversification Strategies for Safety & Protection from Volatility in speculative markets; Returns on Investments; Risk Mitigation Planning (Crisis and Emergency Management); and Accountability).

We answer our clients Tough Questions, and we share our Co-competencies, Insights, and Oversights with them. We get things done quickly, and we deliver exceptional results EVERYTIME; and we keep them smiling(Signed NDA). Lets get to the SPECIFICS and keep it REAL!!


Congratulations (Carrie Underwood)

Congratulations to Country / Rock / Pop STAR; and the Talented, Versatile, Vivacious; and Grammys & Albums of the year Winner, Carrie Underwood on her new "Denim & Rhinestone" Tour, from October 15, 2022 to March 17, 2023, (43 concert dates accross the USA) in honor of her 9th studio album with the same name. "She is On-A-ROLL!!". She is donating $1 for every ticket sold. Donations will go to "The Tunnels to Towers Foundation", a non-profit foundation that supports U.S. Veterans and their families. Grab your spot fast!! Tickets for the tour are selling like hot cakes. Oh, Yeah!!!!

"A Night Of Joy" concert in Nashville, Tennessee. Wednesday April 12, 2023. Carrie Underwood will be performing at this benefit event to raise money for the victims of the "Nashville Covenant School" shooting. Grab your tickets fast. A mere/slight mention of her name will generate excitement and cause a stampede. You, Bet!!

Carrie Underwood SOLD-OUT tour in EVERY VENUE started and ended with a, "BANG!!!", with RECORD occupancy of Hotels and Motels rooms and Airbnb rentals; and a BIG boost in the economy/tourism sector in EVERY CITY. Her merchandise were SOLD-OUT in EVERY VENUE. Her musical set is a masterpiece. Her fans were enthralled with her performances and the bars she belted-out. They were reciting her songs like church choirs; and screaming for more lyrics from her repertoire of Hit songs and Medley of Fans-favorite songs. She is "On-A-ROLL" with BACK-2-BACK Touring and In-Residence Shows. She is back In-Residence at Las Vegas World Resort Theater where she will be performing 40 Live Shows. Her Live show, "Reflection" is a MUST to see (A Mind-blowing event:- A breath-taking musical journey, coupled with her bubbly personality and her Alluring and Irresistible Smiles; and her hilarious one-liners-A rarity. Show-Time Dates:-(June 21 to July 01; September 20 to 30; and November 29 to December 16, 2023). Super-fans and Cross-over fans are coming from countries around the world. GRAB your tickets at "Early Bird" price and get Priority Entry, Early Access to Merchandise Stands, Discount at select Bars, and Photo Opportunity before fans start camping outside the theater like a pilgrimage. Call Box Office Ticket Sales (888) 862-3043. Easy-Peasy!! 

*****NOTE:-New Arrivals of Designers Collection are flying off the racks. Bergdorf Goodman, N.Y. Store (212)753-7300 got the BAG, Clothing, Jewelry & Accessories at discount price. Ask for Ms. Pierre(Saint Laurent, Loewe, Prada, Tom Ford, Valentino, Balenciaga, Christian Louboutin, Brunello Cucinelli, Givenchy, Dolce & Gabbana, Bottega Veneta, etc). Essential components of a GOOD handbag:- Appearance/Looks, Practicality, Longivity, and Value.

*****NOTE:-The best Tailors and Seamstressess use Guggenhein Scissors. It is Sharp, Comfortable, and Reliable. Get yours today at GUGGENHEIN.COM. Try it for 90-days. Your Satisfaction is GUARANTEED.


Congratulations (Taylor Swift)

                                 Taylor Swift is in the house!!!!

AC/DC fans!!;  LaRuku fans!!; Scorpions fans!!; The Gazette fans!!; Rolling Stone fans!!; The Who fans!!; Judas Priest fans!!; Pink Floyd fans!!; Led Zeppelin fans!!; Guns N Roses fans!!; and Radio Head fans!!. Buy your tickets and show Taylor Swift some LOVE!!!. Oh, Yeah!!!!!!!

Her "ERAS TOUR" began in Glendale, AZ in March 2023. It has generated a RECORD BREAKING Gross Revenue of US$1.5 Billion, and has added US$4.6 Billion to North Americas Economy. For Taylor Swift, that is just a WARM-UP / a rehearsal / a practice session, for the big events ahead. She has energy to burn; and her ambition is MIND-BLOWING. She is an Economic Phenomenon. Her Music and Business Acumen are SHARP and AUTHENTIC as her SENSE of Social Responsibility. "We LOVE her!! We have her back; and we are going HARD for her, BIG TIME.  MASSIVE Network Synergies!! Oh, Yeah!!!".

The tour had a rocky start because Extreme Demand for ticket purchases had CRASHED TicketMaster system and Break Streaming Records. She is Focus, Resilient, Clever, Tactical, and VERY Strategic. She has managed to complete the 27 North AmericaTour Dates in Inglewood, CA on Aug. 09, 2023. She showed her gratitude by donating Millions of dollars and Truck-Loads of provisions/produce and groceries from Farmers and Supermarkets to Food Banks in almost EVERY city where she has performed; and paying a BONUS of US$100,000 to EACH of the 50 Truck Drivers in her tour crew; and a bonus to ALL the other members in her entourage. Everybody is smiling, like they win the Lottery.

She is heading to Canada, Mexico, South America, and St. Lucia to perform a slew of shows from August 24 to Nov. 26, 2023. She knows how to Feed Fans Frenzy; and Brazilians cant get enough off her. She has Brazil on LOCK-DOWN, with shows in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.This has started a bidding frenzy among the other South American countries, as each country eagerly competes for a BOOST in Tourism, Employment Opportunities, and an Influx of cash to stimulate its economy and increase its GDP(the Rippple/Multiplier Effect). (The film/movie for the "Eras Tour" concert has generated over $100 million in Pre-Sale tickets. It has broken Box-Office Record. It will be shown in theaters and other outlets on October 13 & 14, 2023).

The AsiaAustralia, and European leg of the tour started in February 2024; and "SWIFTIES"(that is how she affectionately calls her legions of super fans) over there are Super Excited/Elated. There are THREE sold-out shows in Australia (Sydney and Melbourne). It is "Taylor Swift mania in Australia!!". "You can feel the THUNDER down under!!" as over 300,000 Aussie Super Fans and Cross-over Fans RECIPROCATE the LOVE. Thank you, AUSTRALIA!!!. "We LOVE you, BIG TIME!!!" Oh, Yeah!!!

The UK leg of the "Eras Tour" starts in June 07, 2024. EXCITEMENT is in the air; and the CROWD becomes more electrifying as Taylor Swift graces the MAIN stage with REGAL SPLENDOR. They are enthralled and entranced with the SUCCESSES of the SUPER-STAR.

Due to OVERWHELMING demands, there are 15 back-2-back shows in 3 stadiums (Wembley, Anfield, and BT Murrayfield) in London, Liverpool and Edinburgh; and shows in Cardiff, and Dublin. There are 8 shows at Wembley stadium. Those venues are SOLD-OUT with RECORD-BREAKING attendance in EVERY venue. BRITS are experiencing the BIGGEST influx in TOURISM; and an additional 1 BILLION POUNDS (US$1.24 Billion) added to their GDP from the BIGGEST and most LUCRATIVE concert tour the UK has ever experienced. 

Taylor Swift is a Music POWER-HOUSE. She is the WINNER of SEVERAL Albums-of-the-year awards. She is ON-A-ROLL; and her MASTER-PIECES, monster hits, and Iconic Beats are Electrifying and Timeless. She is ROCKING the UK like a hurricane; and BRITS are having a BALL/a real BLAST. They will reminiscence about those events for the rest of their lives. Oh, Yeah!!!

"The Eras Tour", FOREVER!!!  Taylor Swift, FOREVER!!! LEGENDARY!!!

Thank you, BRITS for your OVERWHELMING Love, Support, and Hospitality. "We LOVE you, BIG TIME!!" Oh, Yeah!!!!!

There will be a total of 124 shows outside of North America. Each show has a 3.5-hour Set-List. OVERALL, this BLOCK-BUSTER and World-Record breaking Concert Tour will cross 5 Continents; and easily GROSS a conservative and realistic estimated revenue of US$4 Billion(An additional US $1.5 Billion in ticket sales; PLUS $1Billion in merchandise and film/movie ticket sales).

Taylor Swift is an astute business woman. Everything that happens in her organization has her approval. She ignores outside negativities/RUBBISH. She is pre-occupied with extending and enhancing her BRAND. She is in collaboration with British Fashion Designer, Stella McCartney. She cares about things that resonate and have an indelible impact on her Legions of Fans. She is the CEO and the COO of her organization -- A monumental/humungous undertaking; but she is proficient at delegating responsibilities and getting ASTRONOMICAL results. KUDOS to her!! Countries that host her shows have OPENLY/PUBLICLY thank her for boosting their GDP. Their STATISTICS have shown the BIGGEST influx in TOURISM and GDP (Economic Stimulus) before the Pandemic, and after the Pandemic.

HOTELS, MOTELS, and AirBNB rooms are completely SOLD-OUT because of EXTREME demands; and MANY VISITORS are paying for LODGING in their FRIENDS and FAMILY members homes. Airlines, Banks(foreign exchange), Cruise Ships, Charter Tour Companies, Local business owners, Taxi owners, Rental vehicle companies, and Gasoline Stations are flushed with an Influx of Cash from tourists and concertgoers. This is also due to Record-breaking attendances, Sold-out venues, and Sold-out merchandise in EVERY country. Lets see how the "GUINNESS BOOK of WORLD RECORDS" will handle that. Oh, Yeah!! Log on to TicketMasters.com, Wembley Stadium, etc today, and get your tickets for the events/venues. We are going HARD for her. Oh, Yeah!!!!!!!

*****NOTE:- Emergency Medical Flight 24/7 (PlanePilot, Nurse, and Paramedic):- "Angel Medical Flight". Calling from the USA (855)550-9730. From Overseas (480)634-8017.   "Medway Air Ambulance":- Calling from the USA (770)963-1412. Ask for Kirsty.

****NOTE:-Education Grants and Scholarships are available. Contact the Institute of International Education: - IIE.Org.

*****NOTE:-You can read for FREE, on Amazon, my Best Selling Book:-"Sweet Success, knowledge & quick-skills in 30 minutes by Clemson Barry" (Paper back, Kindle, IPhone, etc). It is a BEST SELLER in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.


Congratulations (Daniela Di Lillo)

DJ, "Nora En Pure",  is rocking the house!!!! She is dropping those musical bars HARD!!!

Perfect Drops!!  Melodious!!  Electrifying!!  Goose Bumps!!  Oh, Yeah!!!!

Daniela, better known by her Stage Name, "Nora En Pure", is a Music Writer, Producer, International DJ, and a Shrewd/Astute Business Woman. She was norminated to play her set at the Top 100 DJ celebration in Bali. Her Musical Sounds, Arrangement, Timing, and Delivery are impeccable and UNIQUE. She is a Musical Genius. Women are going Crazy, and Men are going GAGA over her music. Her Tour Calendar is filled with PRE-PAID bookings.

She plays to her Super Fans and Cross-over fans from MAIN-STAGES around the WORLD, including those stages at Tommorow-Land;  Ultra Europe Festival;  Ultra Miami Festival; London, UK (Studio 338); IBIZA; The Brooklyn Mirage in New York; Las Vegas Electric Daisy Carnival(EDC); The Marquee Club in Las Vegas; Gstaad and Arnensee in Switzerland; Germany; Croatia; France;  Bali;  Exumas in the Bahamas, etc. 

She is highly revered by fans from TOP DJs like:- Miss Monique; MATTN; Tiesto; David Guetta; Calvin Harris; Carl Cox; Armin Van Buuren; Paul Van Dyke; ETC. This is what her Super-fans and Cross-over fans are saying about her musical prowess:-

"Nora is definitely on another level. She is a gem inside a sea of DJs. A musical Goddess."

"Modest, Intelligent, beautiful, and a superberb taste in music".

"Nicely constructed set!! Fantastic music. I could not stop dancing to it".

"She is the Queen of  Deep Melodic Music. The best in Tropical Deep House Music".

"Nora is just out of this world with the highest quality of mixing since the 1990s".

"Nora is just overflowing with these unique pieces. Every piece is better than the ones before".

You DONT have to believe whatever they are saying. EXPERIENCE it for yourself. PULL-UP on her on YouTube. Listen to a FULL session or TWO; and show her some LOVE. Oh, Yeah!!!


Hallmarks For Our Longivity In Business

When it comes to our Contractual Obligations(Transparency/Clarity of Agenda):- "We Dont Monkey Around!!". Most importantly, is our Fiduciary duty / "Duty-of-Care" (Accountability/Due Diligence) to put safeguards in place that will alert us about Nefarious Activities ( Anomalies/ Irregularities / Impropriety/ Red-Flags), and QUICKLY intervene (Checks & Balances) and deter Transactions that are set-up/designed to extort/swindle money from you(Financial Oversight/Forensic Audit). Our Business HISTORY is IMPECCABLE by ANY STANDARD in this Industry; and PERSONALLY, we dont CRAVE Public Attention/Validation. Hence, we have diverted the spotlight and public attention towards our Clients. They are the STARS. "When they shine, WE shine - TEAM-WORK!!"

Our network is Vast and Varied; and the Synergies we bring to EVERY client are Limitless. We will help you make your Concert Tours and Long-term business plans Financially Successful; and we will keep EVERYTHING Discreet (Signed NDA) for your Personal Safetyas we have done for others in the entertainment Industry. Testimonials that we have received during our annual clients/artists survey are overwhelmingly impressive. They thank God we have their backs(Excellence of Execution and Clients/Artists Satisfaction).

We understand the Economics of the Industry and the Financial Reporting Complexities that are associated with Tour Expenses; Promotion Costs; Royalty Tracking; Accounts Receivable Collections; Overseas Earnings; On-shore and Off-shore Transactions; Tariffs; Sales Tax(U.S.A.); VAT(in 38 OECD Countries); GST & VAT(Australia); GCT(Jamaica); Transfer Tax Credit; Activity-based Costing; Interstate Tax Credit; Foreign Tax Credit; Foreign Income Exclusion; International Tax Treaties, etc, etc. Our CONTINUALLY updated Tax DATABASE contains over 1,000 Tax Strategies that are UNIQUE to your industry. It enables us to use the BEST Tax-efficient Structure that will MINIMIZE your PERSONAL and BUSINESS Tax Liabilities; and MAXIMIZE your CASH-FLOW, WORKING CAPITAL, and DISPOSABLE  INCOME, without raising a Red Flag.


Artists and DJs we want as Clients.


Artists and DJs who are planning Concert Tours in cities in the USA, Europe, Asia, etc.

(a) AND they are signed to a Major or Independent record company/label (Universal, Warner, Sony, Columbia, Atlantic, Capitol, etc).

(b) OR they are signed to Main-Stage Music Festivals:-Ultra Miami(UMF); Tomorrowland; Mysteryland; Brazil for Cercle; France for Cercle; Bannaroo; Lollapalooza; Coachella; iHeartRadio; EDC; SeminoleHard Rock Arena; Amsterdam; Ultra Europe(UEF); IBIZA; Electro-beach; MadCool; Airbeat One; Nature One; Munich Olympic Stadium; Bucharest Romania; Lanxess Arena Koln; Festival Les Vieilles Charrues; Chateau de Chambord; The 02 Arena; Leeds; Parklife; Wembley; Creamfields; Glastonbury; Super Sonic; Yokohama Arena, etc.

(c) OR they are signed to Their Own Independent Label (INDIES); and they are planning Concert Tours in cities in the USA, Europe, Asia, etc:-

The Game PLan(Team-work):We will put together a Realistic and Effective Budget, Forecast, Taxation plan, and a Strategic and Execution plan that will always let you know where you stand with Cash-Flow, Working Capital, Profitability, Taxes and Net Worth. We will ensure your tour is FINANCIALLY successful. We will save you Millions of dollars in non-essential/ unnecessary Expenses and Taxes and make the Net-Worth of those on the Fortune-100 list look like Pocket Change/Tips Money (Financial Leverage) while you keep a Busy and Lucrative performance itinerary of 50 performance dates in 90-days. You are "On-A-Roll"; and you are entertaining your Super-Fans with a medley of sing-along fan favorite hit-songs from your multi-platinum catalogue; and bedazzling the Media, Cross-over fans, Advertisers, and Sponsors with Back-2-Back monster hits from your grammy winning albums and your legendary on-stage theatrical performances; making each show/event an extravaganza, a masterpiece, and a commercial sensation, with stratospheric success accross the world - "Straight-up, Legendary!!" Time Management is VERY important to us. You have a lot of work to get done. Lets start TODAY!!


In-residence Artists and DJs who have a Contract with/from a Casino or Hotel/Resort:-

If you received income and you didnt file your tax returns(IRC Sections 111, 701, 6601 and 6651), the IRS and States can come after you FOREVER because you dont have a Statute-of-Limitation. You are responsible for filing your tax returns and paying your taxes on time even if your management company or booking agency had promissed to do it for you. There are Artists, Actors, Actresses, Baseball players, and DJs who have had tax problems with the IRS and State. They have clearly discussed their experience in media interviews and in their booksLets start working on that today!!


Artists and  DJs who want to resolve U.S. or Foreign Tax problems:-

Interests and Penalties (Sections 6601 & 6651) for taxes owed are HOT. They can burn a BIG hole in your bank account (as high as 50% of the tax you owe). However, some of those interest and penalties can be completely forgiven. Filing for bankruptcy will damage your credit rating and wouldnt erase/wipe-out your tax debts; and the IRS and State will move quickly and put a LEVY against your bank accounts and a LIEN against your property and sell it at auction. If you have a mortgage on your property, the bank will come after you and your co-signers for full payment of the balance of the mortgage. That includes seizing the collateral that you pledged on your mortgage application form. You can ask those Artists, DJs, Actors, Actresses, and Baseball players who have had tax problems with the IRS and States. If you are DELINQUENT on Tax and/or Child Support payments in a Foreign Country, that debt should be settled before your plane lands in that countrys airport. Most importantly, respect the laws in those countries that host your shows/events. I can introduce you to people who have faced embarassing consequences for non-compliance. Your Entertainment Attorney will advise you accordingly. Lets keep it real!! Lets start working on that today!!

What we want UP-FRONT from Artists & DJs.

#1)If you are an Artist or DJ and you are planning a concert tour (for Verification and for Tax Planning purposes; and to save you millions of dollars in expenses and taxes) we want a copy of the contract that you signed with the Record Company/Label and with each Event Promoter or Booking Agent that book your tour/shows, including a copy of your Tour Schedule/Itinerary.

#2) If you are resolving a tax problem/dispute, in the USA or Overseas, we need a copy of the letter that you received from the IRS in the USA; or the IRD in the Foreign Country. Lets work on that TODAY!!


What  More Do We Bring To The Table

Clients are Eager and Happy to do business with us because they know they are in Capable Hands. "We dont monkey around!". We get things done quickly. We deliver exceptional results everytime; and we are not a "One-trick Pony". Hence, in ADDITION to those Benefits that we have discusses above:-

a) Are you planning to sign a new contract/record deal? How about a deal like this:-80% Royalty and 50% Publishing rights, in addition to keeping ownership of your masters? Thats Leverage!! That is where your Money, Wealth, and Negotiating Power are. We work with clients who have those deals.

b)If you are a singer-songwriter and you perform your own original songs, how about an exclusive worldwide publishing deal that covers your full catalog/catalogue and future works? We work with clients who have those deals.

c)How about Royalty Auditing to ensure you have received every contractual distribution from record labels, merchandizing, publishing companies, etc? How about Intellectual Property Valuation of your recording/publishing catalog and catalog acquisition, etc.?

d)How about the Taxation Aspects of Marriage, Separation, and Divorce? Time for a Reflection(A Reality Check). We have worked with Family-Law Attorneys on Prenuptial agreements in divorce Hot-Spots like California, New York, and the U.K; and we have been following activities in Divorce Courts in the USA and London; so we know whats "COOKING". Men and Women who have received Big Divorce Settlements are Smiling because they hit the Jockpot, while those who have ignored the importance of legally protecting their assets, because they fell too deeply in love, have become Sitting Ducks and ended up paying a Fortune in Assets distributionAttorneys feesetc., in addition to having severe Traumatic Experiences (sleepless nights, regrets, frustration, depression, addiction, therapy, and rehabilitation). That frequently happens to High Profile and High Net Worth people. Especially, those people in Sports and Entertainment. Go to divorce courts and take your own sweet time and read those dockets. Thats public information!! By the way, prenuptial agreements made by Middle Income people with Assets are on the rise. They too are getting wiser. Ha! ha! ha!....he! he! heeeeeee!

e)We bring decades of Practical Insights, Strong work ethics, Integrity, and Quick, Effective, and Efficient business execution strategies to EVERY area/niche in the entertainment industry (Music, Films, Fashion, Sports, and Culinary). We also have in-depth knowlwdge and "Industry-Specific" experiences in Real-Estate, Transportation, Hospitality, and Insurance. We work with clients in those industries every day (Those industries are listed on the left hand side of this website). We are current on issues that pertain to the USA and European Employment and Tax Compliance rules. Our clients have received Exceptional Results and Peace-of-Mind.  


Events Execution Plan

Here is an E-mail we received: - "I have just signed with Columbia Records and I received an advance against my recording contract. Would you like to be my business manager?"

Reply to the E-mail: - Thanks for your Inquiry. We have received many similar offers. I would suggest that you signed to a Management Firm that has ties to a Booking Agency. They have a Roster/List of Talent Buyers (Talent Scouts) and Concert Promoters who will book your concert tours/shows at venues in the USA and Overseas. We are Entertainment Tax-Accountants, Business Advisors, and PR ExpertsIf you need me to get involve/participate, I can work independently and/or in tandem with your team. You will benefit tremendously from TWO of my specialties:-


Public Relations & Crisis Management:- This is where the magic begins. This is where our UN-DIVIDED attention starts. We are Strategic, Tactical, and Factually-deep; and we are taking NOTHING for granted. We are leaving NOTHING to chance and NO MARGIN for error. This is where our PR Machinery goes into OVER-DRIVE. We are Pulling-Out ALL the stops. We are going HARD. Our clients LOVE the perfect timing and execution; and we could see those BIG SMILES on their faces. "We have EXCEEDED their expectations, BIG TIME!!". We have helped them promote/deliver unforgettable memories of their SOLD-OUT Concerts and In-residence Shows.

In SUMMARY, while you are pumping-up the crowd with lyrics, your tour schedule will spread across the world like wildfire. We will ensure that ALL your marketing and press releases are effective and released timely to adequately publicized each venue, keep fans camping outside the venue; and fill each venue up to the City Permit Limit  for Special Event, (NOT up to the venue capacity). (Using tight Security and Crowd Control Techniques in addition to having adequate Liability Insurance Coverage to protect you and your assets in case you are held liable for unforeseen contingencies such as "Inciting the Crowd" before and during the concert.

We have seen the dangers that Frenetic Crowd have caused in Mosh Pits (Moshing) as fans rushed towards the stage and became disorderly. The melee is horrifying and heartbreaking. We are talking about  Stampedes, Mass Casualties, Mayhem, Permanent Injuries, and Lawsuits, as Attroneys look for every loophole to hold Artists, Venue, Organizer, Promoter, Ticket Agent, and Security Company accountable and liable for putting profit ahead of the life of attendees. That could damage your brand and your sponsors brand. Iconic Sponsors and Product Manufacturers will DROP you QUICKLY/FAST because they dont want to be associated with anything that will DEVALUE their BRAND; and they no longer see VALUE in you


Tax Accounting & Financial Management:- We will ensure Strict  Budgetary Controls and  RIGOROUS Financial Oversights; and we will seek Recourse to Recoup shortages during EACH event and during every leg of the tour on the tour calendar. We have heard Artists Complained that Venues/Shows were SOLD-OUT; but they ended up almost BROKE. (A female Artist/Superstar sued her Management Firm for Financial Mis-management and received a court settlement of $10 million. That is public information. It is in the court dockets in Manhattan, New York).

Your income stream is a complexity of Royalties, Licensing, Intellectual Property, and International earningsWe will ensure that your earnings from multiple income source/streams:- (music sales, concerts, merchandise, commercials, endorsements,  spokesperson, sponsorships, music publishing, Logo lease, book publishing & sales, speaking engagements, guest appearances, sound tracks, ringtones, voice-overs, jingles, modelling, acting, etc.) from the USA and Overseas are received and are properly accounted for; and are in the appropriate bank accounts (local bank, overseas/offshore bank). We will monitor your investments performances because many Artists and Band Members have lost almost all their investments to Croked Business Partners and stock-market scammers/brokers. We will prepare a Personal and Business Tax Plan that will save you millions of dollars. in Expenses and Taxes. Tax returns will be filed in a timely manner and in accordance with U.S. and International tax rules/treaties (International Taxation).

Our Business Operations Policy (Transparency / Clarity of Agenda):-We care about your Well-being; and your Present and Long-term Financial Successes. You will NEVER get stuck in a contract with us. You can terminate your agreement with us ANYTIME. We have seen how PEER PRESSURE has affected Artists who have refused to be String Along ("Refused to go along to get along") and get Strung Out. You can count on us for STRAIGHT-FORWARD advice that will help you side-step Controversies, Mischief, Malevolence, Scurrilous Attack, and other "Halla-baloos"; and stay FOCUS, and maintain your SANITY/ PRUDENCE and SELF-ESTEEME in a SOMETIMES weird / creepy / toxic / demonic / predatory ENVIRONMENT. We do not disclose non-public personal information about our clients to anybody (IRC section 6713), except as permitted by law, through a power of attorney signed by our clients; or a court order directing us to make disclosure. We operate on the BUSINESS and PR sides of this industry; and we are Mission-Driven. We are focus on EXECUTION, FINANCIAL / FISCAL PRUDENCE, RESULTS, PROFITABILITY, and ACCOUNTABILITY. We DONT need CHEAP Publicity and we dont CRAVE Public Attention. We are NOT hungry for  SCANDAL and DRAMA; and we DONT get involve in Un-NECESSARY/USELESS Criticism of others, Hatred, Malicious Mischief, and Conflict of Interest. Those things CANT bring us MONEY. Hence, every new Artist/Client will undergo a Verification and Suitability Check even when our MOST Trusted Advisors recommend them to us. We are leaving NOTHING to chance. That is how we know when to REFUSE an opportunity. Similarly, EVERYBODY is free to scrutinize us BEFORE they do business with us (PRO-ACTIVE Risk Management). We are Transparent (above-board), Factually-deep, and VERY Specific; and we Honor Our Obligations. Everything that we have done for our clients was discussed with them, and approved by them(Written Consent); and a COPY was given to them. They have taken our advice; and NONE of them have had to endure Financial hardship, Taxation nightmares, Sleepless Nights, or file for Bankruptcy.("Duty of Care").


Our Fee:- Barrys Accounting Services, Corp. delivers superb service at an unbeatable price. We have THREE pricing/fee structures. Pick ONE:-

#1) GIVE US CREDIT:- Dont pay us! Keep the money, and give us credit on your new album that is ready to be released.

#2) FULL  PACKAGE:- The fee is 3% to 5% (Value for Money). This is a Flat Fee for each service that we PROVIDE. This fee is NOTHING in COMPARISON to the PRICE you PAID for a 360 deal. It is DIFFERENT and BETTER than a 360 deal/agreement.

#3)TAXATION only:- The fee STARTS at US $1,275. You have to file tax returns in EVERY STATE and COUNTRY where your concerts are held.

We have the EXPERTISE("Industry-Specific Knowledge); CLEAR VISION, SHARED-PASSION and WORK ETHICS. We are very efficient and business savvy. NOBODY works HARDER than us to bring clients EXCEPTIONAL results/benefits, and Peace-of-Mind EVERYTIME. You have a lot of work to get done. Time Management is VERY important to us. Call us or send us an E-mail and lets start, TODAY!


------------------------------  Overview  ----------------------

How I learn the Ins and Outs of the industry

#1)I have Studied Accounting & Taxation at NYU and the University of London.

#2)I have taken selective entertainment classes at Manhattan School of Music, and the University of Southern California to strengthen my Business Acumen and Communicate Effectively with my clients and key people in the industry. This also enables me to see/spot opportunities that clients may have overlooked or didnt know existed; and execute their lofty strategic plans with Optimal Efficiency. My clients have confidence in me because I thoroughly understand their industry operations (Industry-Specific Knowledge), the goals they set for themselves, and the challenges they will face. They know they are in Capable Hands; and they know I have their back and I am going HARD for them.

I am a BUSINESS MAN and a TAXATION SPECIALIST. I am NOT a musician; and I am NOT a music/record producer. However, I have an EAR for GREAT music and I have a comprehensive understanding of the industry operation; and I can speak the language("Industry-Specific" Knowledge). I have a collection of "Hits" from almost every genre of music. Some of the songs/music in my collection are "Vintage". Upon release, I can tell almost instantly that a song/album will become a hit/monster. I am correct/acurate 99.5% of the time. This is how I SCORE every SONG:- (Concept; great intro.; clarity; pace; structure/form; lyrical content; selection & flow; performance style; voice/vocals; artist/backup vocalizingcombination of notes and chords; chords progressions; modes; instrumentals; bars; chorus; punch lines; melody; rhythm; hooks; perfect timing; bridges; build-up/suspensionperfect drops; beats; volume; mix/remixes; arrangement; perfect sound; vibrancy/energy; etc...). When I am scoring the performance of MUSICAL BANDS (Rock and Heavy Metal):-Guns N Roses; AC/DC; Scorpions; U2; Metallica; Def Leppard; WhiteSnake; Bonfire; MotleyCrue; Iron Maiden; Judas Priest; The Who; Radio Head; Rolling Stones; Dire Straits; Led Zeppelin; Pink Floyd; Aerosmith; Poison, etc.) My score card will include additional comments like:-(Improvisational piece on the guitars and drums; Best sounding drums; Drummer is Epic/Heroic (beat, rhythm, tempo, flow, and timing are impeccable); Lead Guitarist has perfect timing & great performance style with improvisational pieceGuitars & Vocals are complementary and mesmerising; Electrified the audience; Their stage chemistry is amazing; Phenomenal harmonies; Poetically heartening & brilliant; A lyrical masterpiece; Original song and sound well produced; Live performance matches recorded version; Best version/awesome; Those songs/music are vintage but they are fresh like they were recorded yesterday; An extraordinary group).

#3)I have taken California Baby Bar Exam (Contract Law, Tort, and Criminal Law).

#4)I have Worked temporarily/Internship for A&M Records and Arista Records in the 1980s.

#5)IRS Enrolled Agent-1989 to present (Music, Films, and Sports Tax Audits).

#6)Exceptional Results and Happy Clients are everything(Quick and Effective Execution). I have solved most issues in ONE day that have kept others frustrated for ONE month. I am "WICKED" with numbers. The more complex, the better; and the bigger the loopholes. I am a Taxation Specialist, Financial Strategist, and a Business Consultant for an entertainment giant(USA and Europe Divisions)- Non Disclosure Agreements or NDAs. I have Direct Connection to Tax Strategists and Industry Consultants around the world. 

How we know about Artists & DJs:- Rolling Stone and Billboard Magazines subscriptions; YouTube; and promotional campaigns on Radio and TV in the USA and Overseas to publicized the release of their albums/singles and tour dates/bookings. We watch fans attendanceparticipation, and the energy in the venue/arena (stage presence, performances, and fans reactions).

How we obtain Artists & DJ clients:-Direct Mailing from our exclusive database; Family-Law Attorneys preparing Pre-nuptial and Divorce Agreements;  A&R; Artists Business Managers; AND Entertainment Attorneys. Every New client goes through a Verification/Suitability/Clearance check, even when our trusted advisors/contacts make recommendations to us. Thats the key we use to identifying when we must refuse an opportunity(Pro-active Risk Management).

We help each client Pick/Choose/Select specific services that they need; and those services are included in a written contract that is signed by the client and us. Barrys Accounting Services, Corp. will honor its agreement as stipulated in the written contract with the artist/artist manager. Services we can provide the Artist or DJ are as follows:-  Design business strategies and articulate strategic plans that fit into aggressive marketing and public relations campaigns; ensure tours and release of your album is treated as priority; establish a corporation to manage business-related income, expenses, and investments in accordance with current bookkeeping/ accounting and tax rules; provide the artist/manager with clear weekly/monthly financial reports; review promoters general/spectator liability insurance policy, event cancellation policy, artist non-appearance option; review contracts and modify exclusions, power of attorney, key-man clause, sunset clause, back-end/front-end deals, guarantees(multiple shows, favorable routing, bookings in other regions, etc.) and ensure the artist receives adequate and timely payment from the record label, publishers, promoters, sponsors, merchandisers, etc.; help the artist re-negotiate/buyout of existing contract(s) ONLY if the artist is our client and requests our involvement ; budget and coordinate concert tours; communicate with booking agents, label A&R department, and sponsors liaisons; review prenuptial agreements and divorce decrees for tax consequences before the artist signs them; prepare a personal financial/retirement plan for the artist; plan, purchase, manage, and sell business entities approved by the artist; connect artist to overseas promoters and foreign entertainment accounting firms if the artist is our client and that service becomes necessary and it is in the best interest of the Artist; Audit(tour accounting, royalty, publishing and merchandising companies) and hold everybody accountable for the artists money; prepare personal and corporation tax returns; assist artist with purchasing, renovating, insuring, leasing, and selling real estate, boats and planes; screen key employees and business associates, and coordinate special events on your behalf.


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1) Appearances (promotional, opening act, headliner, movies, and fashion.)
2) Tickets & VIP Packages (private parties, concerts, tours).
3) Ancillary/Residuals (studio rents, merchandise sales, endorsements, sponsorships, and advertisers.)
4) Royalties (recording/publishing company, copyright infringement, music library, book publishers, radio playlist, songwriting, film/movie soundtracks, etc.).

Charitable, goodwill, and public relations appearances.

General Expenses/Overhead
Support staff/entourage: Agent, managers, producers, coach, choreographers, security, secretary, chaperon, beautician, publicists, attorney, bookkeeper, accountant, master of ceremony/announcer, casting directors, photographers, technicians, musicians, and foreign and local promoters and distributors, etc.

Related expenses: Baby-sitter, maids, chef, butler, and gardener/caretaker (Forms W2, household employees vs. independent contractors), advertising and promotion, printing, postage, stationery, charitable contributions, insurance (property, health, disability, medical, and long term care), medical expenses, bank charges, pension contributions, transportation (air, limousine, tour buses, trucks), taxes and permits (local and foreign), meals, lodging, costumes, studio fees, rehearsal space, hall/stadium rent, lodging while on tour, leases, depreciation deduction, organizational expenditures/deferred expenses, musical instruments and related accessories, equipment repairs, opening acts/artist, stage lighting and decorations, audition fees, portfolio and resume, professional/membership dues, telephone and answering service, electricity, health club, physical training/education, script preparation, dance lessons, voice training, casual labor/stage hands, co-writers, record producers, mixers, taste makers, remixers, hit makers, engineers, co-publishers, costumes, rehearsal clothing/props, tips backstage (dressers, doormen, porters, bell hops, etc.), theatre books, sheet music, scripts, score cards, the cost of attending plays, movies, and concerts to observe trends in your industry and to maintain and improve skills in your profession, celebration, and special events in accordance with industry norm.


The Scorpions
The Scorpions
Def Leppard
Def Leppard
Judas Priest
Judas Priest
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