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Private Client Services - Barry's Accounting Services - Brooklyn, NY Private Client Services

This priority and confidential service is provided for clients on a weekly or monthly retainer. We will ensure that the service we provide you is Timely, Policy-relevant, Goal/Result Oriented, and Rigorously executed.

We put our Commmitment, Track-Record, and Reputation behind everything we do. You will receive our utmost Respect, Courtesy,  Undivided Attention, and value for your money.


Who needs this service

#1)People who prefer to make impromptu or frequent calls and want their calls take priority or precedence over everything we are currently/presently doing.

#2)Busy people whose free-time is limited and need answers quickly to make important daily decisions.

#3)Individuals and Business owners whose goals demand a high level of attention/commitment and business sophistication that coincide with their changing personal and business needs.

#4)Individuals and Business owners who want to make a profound business transformation from a current situation to a desired situation that produces results and eliminate their financial and personal frustrations.


Our clients are Individuals and Business owners. They operate in the following industries: Medical, Entertainment, Transportation and Real Estate.


Let's start today!! Call us (718) 677-4006 or  CLICK HERE to view and print the application form. After you have completed the form, please FAX it to us at (718) 677-4007 or e-mail it to We will call you and discuss:-

#1)Your Plan and the time frame for completion. 

#2)The level of service and support that will help you achieve your goal. 

#3) The result/benefit you expect to obtain. 

#4)The fee (retainer, hourly rate, weekly or monthly payments); and your Credit Card Information to pay for the service.

***My best selling book, "Sweet success, knowledge & quick-skills..." by Clem Barry, is on Amazon.

We are inspired by the passion and tenacity it takes to start and grow a profitable and sustainable business. We respect people who work hard/smart and value teamwork, diversity, innovation, great customer service and results.


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