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Private Client Services - Barry's Accounting Services - Brooklyn, NY Private Client Services

Private Client Service is a One-on-One customer support service. It is the direction that most service business is taking/heading; and smart individuals are signing-up to get quick and reliable service, practical advice, and great results(ROI) for themselves and/or business.

Our Private Client Service is a Weekly and Monthly retainer service that we provide each client who signed-up for it.

#1) A Client will tell us his/her goals/plans; and we will put together a package or group of services that will enable the client to accomplish his/her goals.

#2)We counsel each client (One-on-One) on an ongoing basis. Each client has our undivided attention until the goal is accomplished/achieved.

We prefer to work with decisive people who are excited about accomplishing their goal and getting the result they anticipated. We ensure that the service(s) we provide them is goal/result oriented and timely and rigorously executed to obtain maximum result(s). We do the work for each client, except in cases/instances/circumstances where the client must personally get involved. We put our commitment, track-record, and reputation behind everything we do. Hence, the services we provide them are the perfect solutions that get them the desired result(s) and peace of mine.


Who are our clients

They are Individuals and Business Owners.They are employed in the following industries:- Medical, Entertainment, Transportation, Real Estate and Building Trades.

#1)They want to make a profound personal and business transformation, from a current situation to a desired situation, that produces results and eliminate their personal and financial frustrations. 

#2)Their goals demand a high level of personal attention/commitment and business sophistication that coincide with their changing personal and business needs.

#3)Their free-time is limited and they need answers quickly, from a reliable individual, to make important daily decisions.


What Personal or Business problem(s) are you trying to resolve? Sign up with us today for Private Client Service. It is an exclusive service that is custom made or tailor made for you. It will help you accomplish your goal(s). You will receive our undivided attention, great result(s), peace-of-mine, and value for your money. Call us at (718) 677-4006; or  CLICK HERE to view and print the short application form. After you have completed the form, please FAX it to us at (718) 677-4007; or send us an e-mail We will call you and discuss with you all of the following:-

#1)Personal and business matters that you believe are important and valuable to you.

#2)The level of service and support that will help you achieve your goal

#3)Your plan and the time frame for completion.

#4)Short and Long term benefits you expect to obtain. 

#5)The fee (retainer, hourly rate, weekly or monthly payments); and your Credit Card Information to pay for the service.



"I signed-up for private client service with my bank. The service is limited to banking and investments. The service is great; but I needed more than that. I needed ongoing counseling on a range of issues to bypass/overcome obstacles as I move forward with my plans. Outlining my plans to you has given me the opportunity to obtain from you, effective execution strategies and results that exceeded my expectations. I'm proud to say, I'm a very happy camper!" - B. Reid, Hollywood Blvd., CA.


"This has been the first time I utilized a private client service. Your private client service is great. It is far better than a mentorship; and the result is astonishing. I needed a reliable and knowledgeable person to streamline my activities and guide me steadily along the way when the tasks at hand become daunting and frustrating; and you have always kept it real with me. I realized I had the passion and work ethics, but I lack the confidence/courage, industry experience, and execution skills to make it happen. Now, I am unstoppable!!" - N. Collins, Manhattan, New York.


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