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Clem Barry - Barry\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Accounting Services About the Owner & Founder

Clem Barry, CEO & CFO
(Business Advisor/Coach, Tax Consultant, Author, and Speaker).

His best selling book, "Sweet Success, Knowledge and Quick-skills in 30 minutes" by Clemson Barry is on Amazon.You can read it for FREE.

Clem Barry worked for over 9 years for Accountemps, a Bookkeeping, Payroll, and Accounting firm that caters to Small, Medium, and Large companies that operate in a variety of industries in the U.S.A. and Overseas.

Juggling Work loads, Multi-tasking, Shifting Priorities, and meeting Quotas and Deadlines are Small Challenges for him. His Work Ethics, Execution Skills, and Timing of Risks are Impressive (Versatile, Speed, Efficiency, Precision, and exceptional Results)

He was the Project Manager, Bookkeeper, Tax-Accountant/Consultant, and Forensic Auditor for some of the firms clients. He oversaw the scheduling and coordination of multiple projects; and conducted on-site visits and quality control simultaneously. On some assignments a total of eighteen bookkeepers, tax preparers, project  assistants, store managers, and warehouse managers reported to him. He has indepth knowledge in International Taxation; and experience in U.S and European Accounting practices, Cross-border transactions, and Business Operations in the U.S.A., Europe, and the Caribbean.

He started Barrys Accounting Services, Corp., in 1982 in the USA; and the firm has grown steadily every year. The firm serves clients in FIVE major Economic Sectors: - Medical, Transportation, Entertainment, Real-Estate, and the Skilled-Trades.

He strongly believes that QUICK, TIMELY, and EFFECTIVE execution of plans; and great results that exceed customers expectation will surpass/transcend EVERYTHING. Hence, his longevity in business is the result of his ability to transition QUICKLY and EFFORTLESSLY into those industries above, resolve COMPLEX issues quickly, help his clients keep money in their pockets; and put smiles on their faces. Clients written testimonials from annual clients survey are overly impressive.

His best clients operate on tight schedules; and they are too busy to be interrupted. Their free-time is limited, and they are always "on-the-go". If you fit that profile, you can call him and he will be happy to work directly with you. You will be happy/glad you did.

You may have seen some of his clients in:-

*Movies, Performing in concerts, Sports, and on the Cat-walk.

*Airports, Seaports, and Highways moving passengers and cargo.

*Hospitals, and on Construction sites.

You too may have been his client without realizing it. Your business manager, personal manager, agent, or attorney may have retained his firm to work on your project (outsourcing). His firm has provided resources that were vital to the success of many people. He is also a business coach, a motivational speaker, and a board member for a For-Profit corporation.

On the personal side, he DOES NOT crave public attention or seek validation. He is happy with his life. Hence, he prefers to keep a low profile. He AVOIDS DISTRACTIONS or making USELESS Criticism. His strength is offering people practical and viable alternatives that will boost their self-confidence, make them feel empowered; and enabled them to accomplish their goals and improve their lives(Upward Mobility).

He is an AVID / VORACIOUS reader. He stays on the "Cutting-Edge" in business by exchanging ideas with people who have done well in their businesses and careers(Top Achievers), reading a lot of books and magazines, attending several professional seminars, webinars, and trade shows every year; and closely following Socio-economic issues in countries around the world. He is a FANATIC of Music, Sports, Fashion, Soccer, Movies, and Cooking. He does business with people from ALL nationality. He has indepth knowledge, experience, and a clear understanding about Human Behavior; and he sees things from other peoples prospective. Especially, when they are Genuine/Forthright (FACTS over HYPE). He is GREAT with people; but he is not a push-over. He grew up with parents and grand-parents who were VERY serious disciplinarians; and his training, as a youngster, in the Cadet-core, has instilled in him the discipline and self-confidence ("The Survival Instincts") he needed to handle himself intelligently in the real world.


USA:- (NYU, Columbia, Taft, & USC)
UK:- (Cambridge and London University) 

*MS Taxation-(USA).

*MBA and PhD Business Administration-(USA).

*Certificate in Mortgage Underwriting & Banking (Mortgage Bankers Association of America).- (USA)

*Certificates in:- Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Accounting, Commerce, and Economics from Cambridge and London Universities:-(UK).


*IRS Enrolled Agent (1989 to present).
*CFE Certified Fraud Examiner.
*CMC Certified Management Consultant.
*CVA Certified Valuation Analyst.
*Insurance Broker (property & casualty).
*48 hours of mandatory annual continuing education.

Professional memberships include: - NATP, IMC, ASIS, ACFE, NACVA, AAPC, AHIMA, California Bar Association, the American Trucking Association(ATA), and the National Mariners Association.


A day in the life of Clem Barry

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