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Client Update - quarterly newsletter


A typical day in the life of Clem Barry, the Entertainment Accountant

  • I check with each artist's business manager and booking agent, review the artists'/bands' itineraries, contracts, immigration status (work permit) and EPK (electronic press kit), listen to their music, and watch their prior concert videos.

  • Look at how artists/bands are doing on the charts, read and reply to e-mails and return important phone calls.

  • Check with show promoters about ticket sales, external & internal security (entry & emergency exits), weather conditions, and political/social stability in the states/countries hosting the concerts before the artists/bands embark on flights to each destination/venue.

  • Review tour budget, cash flow, and contingencies funds.

  • Verify transportation, meals, and lodging arrangements with their personal managers (some artists have both business & personal managers), road/tour managers and/or tour accountants if the artist has one.

  • Check with their insurance companies, attorneys, major sponsors, security companies, banks, investment companies, and merchandisers, etc.

  • Update my rolodex with the names of decision makers in that industry who can get things done quickly.

  • Review and verify the road reports (from road/tour managers) and make adjustments to ensure each performance date on the tour is profitable, etc.

  • Track and manage royalty activities and other income streams and expenses. Ensure their domestic and foreign tax returns and taxes are properly filed and paid on time.

  • While they are on tour, ensure their household expenses are paid on time: babysitter, maids, chef, butler, gardener/caretaker, utilities, etc.

  • Oversee their investments and crisis/damage control PR.

  • I go on to do assignments for clients in the following industries: Transportation, Real Estate, Construction, Medical, and Security.

  • Finally, I get to check on world-wide business issues and socio-economic issues. Then I contact my book publisher, book sellers, and trade show representatives. Then I start blogging and marketing my business on the internet and on social media.