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Barry's Accounting Services, Corp.
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Brooklyn, New York 11210
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Client Update - quarterly newsletter


A typical day in the life of Clem Barry,

the Entertainment Tax-Accountant.

*I check with each artist's Business manager and Booking agent, review the artists'/bands' itineraries, contracts, immigration status (work permit) and EPK (electronic press kit), listen to their music; and watch their prior concert video

*Look at how artists/bands are doing on the charts, read and reply to e-mails and return important phone calls.

*Check with show promoters about ticket sales, external & internal security (entry & emergency exits), weather conditions, and political/social stability in the states/countries hosting the concerts before the artists/bands embark on flights to each destination/venue.

*Review tour budget, cash flow, and contingencies funds.

*Verify transportation, meals, and lodging arrangements with their personal managers (some artists have both business and personal managers), road/tour managers and/or tour accountants.  

*Check with the insurance companies, attorneys, major sponsors, security companies, cleaning company, banks, investment companies, and merchandisers, etc.

*Update my rolodex with the names of decision makers in the industry who can get things done quickly.

*Review and verify the road reports (from road/tour managers) and make financial adjustments to ensure each performance date on the tour is within budget and is profitable, etc.

*Track and manage royalty activities and other income streams and expenses. Ensure the Artist  domestic and foreign tax returns are properly filed and the tax is paid on time. The individual that has the power of attorney is responsible for paying the taxes out of the Artists funds. 

*While Artists are on tour, I ensure their household expenses are paid on time:- babysitter, maids, chef, butler, gardener/caretaker, utilities, etc.

*Oversee their investments and damage control PR.

*Finally, I move on and do assignments for clients in other industries:- Transportation, Trading, Real Estate, Fashion, Films, Culinary, Construction and Medical.

***NOTE:- Having music industry experience is great. However, a solid work history in the fields of Taxation and Accounting gives depth into specific issues that will directly impact a potential client. Music Accountants work with creative people, and must appeal to their creativity when explaining business/financial issues.